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The Journey – September 2014 Update

11 Sep

Hey hey – It’s been awhile. Thinking about a few things lately and felt the need to journal a bit.

As of the 4th of July week, I was down to 283lbs. Still as big as a whale, but a far cry from the 334lbs. I started at. 51lbs. if truth be told.

Well vacation week was fantastic and I denied myself nothing. I ate, drank, and was merry all the week long with the best of intentions to get back on track the day I got home. That day came….and subsequently went.

Since then, I’m been off and on with working out and eating right. I always seem to start the week out right w/pretty good eating habits and a Monday workout….usually. But then something comes up, or I’m too tired, or going out to dinner sounds good, or friends want to meet for drinks and it’s been too easy for the bad habits to creep back in. I haven’t been getting all the workouts in. 1 or 2 a week isn’t cutting it. Sometimes I haven’t made it at all. Free day Sunday, where I allow my self every guilt-free indulgence, has pretty much turned into Free Weekend. And sometimes, due to summer and vacation days, has turned into free 3.5-day weekends, etc.

What I’m getting at is I’ve ballooned back up to 299lbs. since I fell out of good habits. Well, anywyas, today is 9/11 (ugh, I know….terrible memories), and this week I got myself recommitted to a healthier lifestyle again. I’m glad I didn’t fall too far from grace, but if I don’t recommit, I know I’ll be right back where I started beginning of February. How depressing that thought seems. So F*ck It. I ain’t doin’ that.

What I noticed really the most, wasn’t the waistline growing again. That really hasn’t been that big of a deal. It’s the lack of energy. That energy level was just skyrocketing and I’ve been back to feeling like my old lethargic self.

I am pleased to report that this week I’ve ate right all week. I’ve been to the gym everyday. Monday wasn’t pleasant. Tuesday wasn’t much better. Today. I feel great! And ready to go. It really doesn’t take that much to get back on the wagon if you haven’t let yourself fall too far. The nice thing about being fat, is it falls off fast, especially when you’re just beginning and losing all that water. This is like beginning again and I’m already back down to 293lbs. It’s all water, I know, but before, just eating reasonably healthy, watching portions, and a modest 30-min a day at the gym, it was simple to lose 1-2lbs. every single week. It doesn’t seem like much, it doesn’t readily show, but that’s 50-100lbs. in a year! And that’s my kind of program and loss level.

Anyways, I’m back. New goal is to be under 283lbs. (my lowest weight I can remember in at least a decade and probably more) by my cruise in mid October. I’m even optomistic I can post a bathing suit photo. It still won’t be pretty, but it will be pretty good progress.

Peace & love to you all,


The Journey – Getting Rolling – First steps

1 Mar


I am using Bill Phillips book Body for Life to get back on track. I did this program about 10 years ago or so and had very good success. However, I got cocky at the end, strayed from my plan, and fell off course after losing around 43 lbs. and feeling really good about myself.

I probably never came back to it because I knew it was hard. Maybe not hard, because it’s really not. It’s just not as easy as doing nothing. That’s why I probably never came back to it. I also know it works. It’s the only thing in my overweight life that has ever worked that I can recall. I’ve done this-or-that and it’s lasted for awhile, but never long term and I’ve wound up right back where I started and worse.

I’m going to do a better job this time and follow the program word-for-word.

It begins with a self assessment. An honest reflection. I’ve never been much of a private person. I try to always be open & honest in all aspects of my life, so it’s really not a big deal to put out my own dreams and goals for this program right here. It’s in hopes that I can actually look back and go “WOW! I did it!” and moreso, that it helps someone else who may see it and feel exactly like me. I’m sure most people who’ve let themselves go like I have, probably feel very much the same.

Here it is:


Reasons to change

  • I am shocked how big I am when I see myself in pictures/videos.  I don’t see myself that big in the mirror, but the camera does not lie.  That’s what other people see and I don’t feel that’s me.  I want my physical manifestation to be the guy who I see in the mirror.
  • I want to live.  I know I’m at a high risk of an early grave.  I don’t want to go until I’m ready.  I have too much left to do, too much fun to have, too much life to live, not to mention watch my kids grown into what I hope will be healthy, successful adults.  And if they don’t, they’ll need me around to help them overcome their obstacles.
  • I do not want to work at my current career much past 55 years old, but I do not want to quit working at all.  I want to have the choice to continue at my current career or sacrifice some income and find something to do that I love instead.  I just want that choice.  I’ve done the right financial things to put myself in that position where I won’t need as much income after 55 to keep my present lifestyle, but today, I hardly have the energy to get off the couch.
  • I would love to get back to scuba diving regularly.  It was so peaceful and serene, it was almost always a religious experience when we had good conditions and got in the zone.  My current level of fitness has me too scared to get back to this strenuous activity that I love.  I know I’m too out of shape to dive safely.
  • I love to volunteer my time and help people.  I have for many years.  It is part of who I am.  However, as I’m aging and getting bigger, I find the energy to take on these opportunities to help others just isn’t there.  I feel great after volunteering and helping someone, but getting going seems to be harder and harder due to complete lack of energy.
  • I get excited to go do things, as I always have, but once the date comes near, I just want to skip it.  Go to bed.  Lay around at home.  I don’t get excited anymore.  And I don’t want to go.  I just don’t have any energy and it really bothers me.

What I would like to achieve in the next 12 weeks

  • I would like to feel I have the energy to make it through a whole day without getting tired and  laying down for a nap or at least wishing I could. 
  • I would like to stop pushing my TO DO’s on my task list continually back day after day.  I would like the energy to tackle challenges and tasks head on and get things done rather than moving things around!
  • I would like photographs of me to not look as embarrassing as the most recent photos and videos of myself have been.  I don’t want to fret “how bad is it going to be” when someone takes my picture (which I know is going up on Facebook.)  I used to be proud of my looks.  I’d like to be proud again.
  • I would like to get my dive gear on and take a dip and feel good about it and not scared.
  • I would like to fit back into my favorite Levi’s that have been snug, but I can now no longer button.  I don’t think I’m too far from fitting into those.  I also got a beautiful new Liverpool jersey for Xmas 2013, that I’m just a bit too big for.  I’d love to wear these pants, this jersey and get a good picture in them.  That would be very satisfying.
  • I would like to motivate my family (we’re all plus size) to follow in my footsteps.  I would like to set the example and lead them.  My son’s on board already with this program, but I know if I’m successful it will motivate him and all my family to get going.

Five Specific Goals

  • In twelve weeks, I will be under 290lbs. in weight.  This will be the lowest I’ve been since I can remember.  At least a decade.
  • In twelve weeks, I will fit into my favorite pair of Levis and Liverpool jersey and have someone take a picture of me I feel comfortable with.
  • In twelve weeks, I will work off 10% of my body fat.
  • In twelve weeks, I will be back scuba diving and doing it as regularly as I used to; about twice/month.
  • In twelve weeks, I will regularly be eating foods that I consider gross or icky today.

Three Unauthorized Patterns of Action

  • No drinking alcohol.  Drinking leads to hangovers.  Which lead to a day of feeling like shit and getting nothing done.  Not to mention, greasy terrible food is all that sounds good.
  • No junk food.  I snack on a lot of junk food and drink a lot of soda.
  • No missing workouts.  I need to make my workout and my food plan a top priority status everyday.

Three New Patterns of Action

  • Review these dreams and goals in the morning when I wake up and in the evening when I go to bed.
  • Plan every day’s detailed workout and detailed meal plan before the day begins.  Be prepared for the next day and make it a top priority to follow the plan.
  • Try eating/cooking new foods and experimenting in the kitchen.  (I really enjoy cooking).