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The Journey – Week 4

1 Mar


I was on a 7 day work road trip last week so I missed my Week 3 update.  Even though I was travelling, I did good keeping up with my routines and eating healthy.  Although I did miss a couple of days.  Due to the work, hours, and stress, I just couldn’t do it.  But rather than getting down on myself, I just got back in the saddle on Wednesday when I got home and kept on rolling.

Today is Saturday and I have some great news.  In the four weeks since I have started my Body for Life program I have dropped my BMI from 45.4 to 42.5.  Still “extremely obese”, but my sights are on “obese” which is a BMI under 40.  I think that’s a goal.  By April 1st, I will be obese!  I bet nobody’s ever said that proudly.  In addition I’ve lost 4.2% of my body fat while gaining a 1/2 lb. of muscle.  My lean mass went up, and my body fat dropped significantly.  I think I’m doing it right.  Scale weight lost in 4 weeks is 25 lbs.  13 came off the first week, and the other 12 took me 3 weeks which is about what I expected.  I have felt hungry or I didn’t get enough to eat exactly zero times in the last month.  I eat 5-6 times a day!  I’ve found I love greek yogurt, spinach, and am much more tolerant of salad and vegetables.  I think I might have enjoyed last night’s salad.  In fact, I know I’ve eaten more fruits & vegetables in the last month than I’ve eaten in the last 5 years.  My cardio intensity increases just about every week as well as adding more and more weight to workouts.  And I’m in the gym under 5 hours a week.  And I still get my bacon doublecheeseburger & fries on free day.  Which is tomorrow!  (But I’ve noticed it’s not as great as I think it will be in my mind.  And this week I haven’t really been “looking forward” to it.  I’ve been just fine eating healthy.)

The best part is I just feel I’m getting my mojo back.  November through January I was really feeling shitty.  No energy to do anything.  Didn’t want to do anything.  I could go to work and dreaded everything else.  And even at work, I didn’t feel as sharp or focused as I usually do.  I found myself putting “to-dos” off in my personal life and if you know me, I always seem to have a ton of stuff going on.  Just couldn’t do it…or do it as well as I wanted to.  Even my wife and I were talking last night and she said I seemed to be in a rut, but noticed a serious change in me the last month and that’s good.  I feel I’m changing.  For the better.  I’m certainly feeling much better and that’s for sure!

I think I feel so good, I’ll post my blogs about this experience which I have been afraid to put up.  For what reason, I don’t exactly know.  I suppose I thought I might fail or didn’t believe I could do this.  I don’t know really.  But I’m ready.  I’ll share with you what I’ve done and why I’ve done it for anyone who cares.  If I inspire one person, it’s worth any embarassment or ridicule.

So that’s my weekly update.  I’ve been runnin’ ragged since I got up at 8am and that’s unusal.  I still have more to get done today and I actually feel like doing it!  If all goes well, I’m going to round up some mates and have a few cocktails at the local watering hole!