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The Journey – September 2014 Update

11 Sep

Hey hey – It’s been awhile. Thinking about a few things lately and felt the need to journal a bit.

As of the 4th of July week, I was down to 283lbs. Still as big as a whale, but a far cry from the 334lbs. I started at. 51lbs. if truth be told.

Well vacation week was fantastic and I denied myself nothing. I ate, drank, and was merry all the week long with the best of intentions to get back on track the day I got home. That day came….and subsequently went.

Since then, I’m been off and on with working out and eating right. I always seem to start the week out right w/pretty good eating habits and a Monday workout….usually. But then something comes up, or I’m too tired, or going out to dinner sounds good, or friends want to meet for drinks and it’s been too easy for the bad habits to creep back in. I haven’t been getting all the workouts in. 1 or 2 a week isn’t cutting it. Sometimes I haven’t made it at all. Free day Sunday, where I allow my self every guilt-free indulgence, has pretty much turned into Free Weekend. And sometimes, due to summer and vacation days, has turned into free 3.5-day weekends, etc.

What I’m getting at is I’ve ballooned back up to 299lbs. since I fell out of good habits. Well, anywyas, today is 9/11 (ugh, I know….terrible memories), and this week I got myself recommitted to a healthier lifestyle again. I’m glad I didn’t fall too far from grace, but if I don’t recommit, I know I’ll be right back where I started beginning of February. How depressing that thought seems. So F*ck It. I ain’t doin’ that.

What I noticed really the most, wasn’t the waistline growing again. That really hasn’t been that big of a deal. It’s the lack of energy. That energy level was just skyrocketing and I’ve been back to feeling like my old lethargic self.

I am pleased to report that this week I’ve ate right all week. I’ve been to the gym everyday. Monday wasn’t pleasant. Tuesday wasn’t much better. Today. I feel great! And ready to go. It really doesn’t take that much to get back on the wagon if you haven’t let yourself fall too far. The nice thing about being fat, is it falls off fast, especially when you’re just beginning and losing all that water. This is like beginning again and I’m already back down to 293lbs. It’s all water, I know, but before, just eating reasonably healthy, watching portions, and a modest 30-min a day at the gym, it was simple to lose 1-2lbs. every single week. It doesn’t seem like much, it doesn’t readily show, but that’s 50-100lbs. in a year! And that’s my kind of program and loss level.

Anyways, I’m back. New goal is to be under 283lbs. (my lowest weight I can remember in at least a decade and probably more) by my cruise in mid October. I’m even optomistic I can post a bathing suit photo. It still won’t be pretty, but it will be pretty good progress.

Peace & love to you all,


The Jouney – Week 12 Conclusion

27 Apr

It’s over.  I finished my 12-week Body for Life challenge.  Feels pretty damn good.  All in all, I dropped 41 lbs., gained some good inches, lost some bad ones.  Some clothes are just too big now.  Clothes that were snug are loose, and I’ve found some old favorites I can fit into again (Colorado Avalanche jersey!)

Here’s the rest of what I summised from my experience.

  • I am looking more like the guy I feel like inside.  The guy I used to be before I got so fat.  And it’s good.  I’m much happier with my appearence than I was 12 weeks ago.  MUCH happier.
  • My energy level has doubled, trippled even for the most parts.  The weekends are not spent couching feeling guilty about all the things I want to be doing, or the chores I’m not getting to.  I have been making plans, happily attending, having energy, having fun, getting things done, trying new things.  It’s all been a great feeling turnaround.  I’ve maybe taken 3 naps in the last 12 weeks total.  Before I’d take 3 naps a day.
  • I am just a week or two away from donning my scuba gear and getting back into the water.  Just have to test it all and make sure everything’s still in good working order, and I’m going back.  Can’t wait.
  • Going to bed early and rising early has been great for me.  I pretty much close my eyes at 8pm and get up at 4am daily.  Only exception would be if I’ve been out late the night before.  I think the lesson here is ample, proper sleep.  Fortunately, I sleep very soundly and rarely have a problem going to sleep, but I was definately NOT getting enough before.  5 hours a night at best.  Where did I find the 3 hours?  TV?  Yup…I just had to let a lot of “my shows” go.  It didn’t kill me.  I’m still here.
  • Spinich is delicious.  I eat it about every single day.
  • I’ve made some positive changes to work habits due to feeling better and increased energy.  I don’t know many people who are passionate about their jobs and careers.  I know some, but honestly, most aren’t.  I used to be, but haven’t been in some time.  That passion for the work is coming back and it feels good.  My company and myself are benefiting from my lifestyle changes.
  • My family & friends tell me regularly how proud they are of me and how good I look.  It makes me happy.
  • Anyone can do what I do.  I spend about 4 hours a week at the gym over 6 days.  I train upper body and lower body over 3 days, and do 3 days of cardio.  I make getting to the gym a high priority every single day.  Before I get there, I have a plan on paper, with me.  I know what exercises or machines I’m going to use, how many sets and how many reps, and the amount of weight.   I don’t walk around lost doing this-or-that like I see so many people doing.  At the end of the workout, I evaluate it.  Could I have done more?  I make notes on that workout sheet and use them to plan the next workout always shooting for improvement, but never perfection.  The hardest part is simply getting on your workout clothes and going.  Honestly, it is.  And when you’re in regular routine, and form….it’s not even hard.  I even look forward to it.
  • Eating right was tough for me.  I’ve always been a picky eater my entire life and never ever consumed fruits & vegetables other than occasionally.  I eat fruit and vegetables every single day and enjoy them.  I eat a lot of chicken and lean beef.  I eat alot of healthy complex carbohydrates.  I don’t count any calories or anything.  I look at the size of my palm or my fist and that’s a portion.  One protein, one carb, and one serving of fruit or vegetable with most meals, 6 times a day.  It is hard to eat that often.  Honestly.  Before, I was always STARVING in the afternoons right about the time I’d leave work.  I’d come home snack on junk food and then have an unhealthy large dinner a couple few hours later.  That doesn’t work too well for me.  I cook a lot of food at once and put it in tupperware, and just heat it for lunches in the day.  I make my hotbreakfast every morning, and take a 2nd portion with me to work.  Again, not hard.  Just discipline and good habits.  I can’t remember the last time I “snacked”.  I haven’t felt hungry ever so I guess I just don’t think about it.  I used to be a HUGE snacker.
  • Here’s the best part.  If you screw up?  So what?  Nothing happens.  For whatever reason, you missed a workout.  You broke down and ate a cookie, etc.  Big deal.  Deal with it.  The best thing I’ve found is EVERY SINGLE TIME you open yours eyes each morning you get to begin again.  Do it better.  Learn from your mistakes.  The whole slate is wiped clean.  It truly is a new day.  As long as you’re fully committed to changing, it’s perfectly fine to fall down.  If you go into it half-assed, you’ll fail.  As long as you’re committed, just get up and charge forward.  Who cares?
  • On “cheat” day….don’t stuff it in to get as much bad delicious food into you as possible.  You’ll feel really shitty, your stomach has shrunk, and it will set you back a bit.  This is a day to enjoy the tastes you can’t have regularly anymore, but you still have to be reasonable about it.  Took me the first 4 weeks to learn this.  I’m a little slow.
  • I had one terrible week in Boise, ID working where it was high stress, long hours, and nothing was going right.  I missed a whole week of workouts.  But I was able to eat healthy.  I did the best that I could under the situation.  I took a week vacation and went on a long road-trip with my daughter.  Again, I missed a whole week of workouts.  Fortunately because it was vacation we were out-and-about being active everyday.  The places we were at also didn’t offer a bunch of healthy eating opportunities.  So I used portion control when I ate.  A hamburger and small order of fries fills my belly just fine.  There’s simply no need for bacon doublecheeseburger, large fry, and a milkshake.  In both those situations, I did “fall off the bike”.  But the good news was I was still right there on the path.  It was a little hard getting up and dusting my self off, but I got back on the bike and pedaled on.  When I was home, it was back to business as usual.  Those first few days in the gym were tough, but you fall right back into your groove.  If I would’ve fallen off the bike, and let myself roll down the hill…..that’s when it takes me 5 years to get back to a gym.  I simply can’t and won’t let that happen again.  Vacation and travel can KILL good habits.  Know it, accept it, and plan for it.  Don’t let it derail you.
  • DId I follow the Body for Life program word-for-word?  Nope.  But it was a great framework and reference tool.  I used most of it and adapted it for me.

So now, the 12-week program is over.  What do I do?  Nothing.

There is no more program….

Tonight, I’m going to go to bed at 8pm.  I’m going to get up at 4.  I’m going to get ready for work, make a couple breakfasts, pack a couple lunches, watch a little news and be out the door.  I’m going to go to work.  Kick ass.  Come home.  Go to the gym.  I’m going to eat healthy food.  And then do whatever I have going on in the evening.  I have two busy kids so it’s usually something with them.  Taking them, watching them, picking them up, whatever.  I have a lot of chores and To Dos on my list that shrinks and grows constantly.  Our family is always on the go and there’s somehting always going on it seems.  I volunteer with a few groups and have meetings or events here and there each month.  And on the weekends, I try to have as much fun as I possibly can.  That’s it.   I’m just going to keep doing what I’ve already been doing the last 12-weeks.  As far as I’m concerned, these are all just good new habits and I’ll continue to ingrain them into myself so it would feel unnatural to not do these things.

And it’s now time for some new goals!  And new plans!

Short term

  • Be down to 275lbs. by the 4th of July.  That’s 18 lbs as of yesterday.  Just under 11 weeks.  This should not be any problem provided I continue to eat properly and exercise.  I just have to continue what I’m already doing.
  • Get at least 2 dives in before the end of May.  All that’s stopping me is testing my gear and calling my dive buddy who’s been dying for me to go.  He just got a new GoPro camera with a waterproof housing so we’ll get some videos and post em here of the cool critters we find.  And videos of us picking up sea cucumbers and waving them around like wieners.  Juvinelle and idiotic.  Still funny.

Long term

  • Be down to 260lbs. by New Years Eve on my way to 220lbs.
  • Have a picture of me in a bathing suit on my Carribean vacation in October and not feel completely humiliated.  Normal humiliation level is just fine.
  • Fit on the rides at Universal Stuidos Orlando (Dec trip)  that I was too fat to ride a few years ago.  Nothing sucks more than watching your kids wave goodbye and meeting them at the exit with the other fat people.  That really, really sucks.
  • Earn my ITIL 2011 Foundation Certification (work thing) by the end of the year.

The Journey – Week 9 (and beyond) Musings

24 Apr

Monday, 3/31 – 2/3 of the way through the journey I started, but it’s really not that big of a deal to me.  I’ve decided after just a few weeks, this has to be for life.  I look forward to finishing the original challenge of 12-weeks, but I promise, week 13 will just be the same old thing.  Reinforcing good, new habits, developing new ones, eating right and exercising and just living.  Nothing more than that.  After missing just about every workout last week due to work, I woke up tired, and not feeling as great as usual.  I was pretty good on free day yesterday.  I didn’t eat healthy, but I didn’t overeat, which I had been doing.  Trying to “get it in” just because it was free day, wasn’t too smart.  And as I progress, I learn and improve.  Just about to head to the gym today and get back to habit.  Admitting I’m not exactly looking forward to it, but I know I’m going to feel great about it when I’m done.  That’s enough encouragement for me.

Wednesday, 4/2 – I am officially under 300 lbs.  299.6 to be exact.  That’s 35 down, and 80 to go.

Thursday, 4/3 – Lesson to self.  I have made attempts in the past to get healthier.  What has ultimately derailed me (if I even got started) was vacation, or time missed due to injury, illness, whatever.  I’ve never recovered and got back to being as fat as I always was eventually.  Last week, I was on the road working my ass off and literally did not have the time to exercise.  (However, I did have control over my eating and ate healthy for the most part, or kept the portion size in check.)  It was back to the gym this week, and I tell ya, I did not want to go on Monday, but I made myself.  I didn’t have a great workout, but it was good, and I noted on my plan I needed to work harder.  Tuesday came, and that’s cardio day.  Again, I didn’t really want to go, but I made myself and felt better for it.  Yesterday, was lower body workout, and I didn’t mind going.  I had an excellent workout and felt really great & strong.  Then I have to work late tonight, so I went to the gym early, and wanted to go, and had a kick-ass cardio workout.  Sweating my ass off as I type this as I’ve just come home.  I’m back.  I’m invigorated.  And I feel I’ve beaten the bad habit back that seems to knock me on my ass everytime.  If you don’t want to go to the gym, and you can, GO!!!  It always feels better afterwards and it’s easier to get back on track when you’re just off the path to better health and better living.  The longer you wait, before you know it, you’re back in the boondocks and have lost your way.  I know.  I’ve done it many times.  I’m learning and getting better.

Thursday, 4/3 – Did anything ever good come from not working hard?  From just letting things happen?  Probably not much.  Unless you’re a trust-fund baby, or inherit a large sum of money, or the luckiest slot player alive, I’m really doubting it.  Corporate CEOs, world class athletes, entrepenuers, busted their asses to get where they are.  Almost all of em anyways.  Who in the hell would think a pill would help you get in shape?  I hear the ads all the time.  NO EXERCISE!!  NO EXERCISE!!  Makes no sense.  It’s bullshit.  Sure, you might be able to lose weight, but you’re also losing muscle.  If you look like a pear or a watermelon, you’re only going to look like a smaller pear or watermelon.  If you want to transform your physique and stay in shape, there’s no other way to do it than hard work and putting down the fork.  It’s that simple and it’s very hard to do for a lot of people.  But if I can do it, I swear to God, anyone can do it.

<Look at this huge gap!!  I’ve been bad about my blogging>

Thursday, 4/24 – Well.  I guess I haven’t wrote anything in 3 weeks.  During that time I worked a lot and took a week long spontaneous trip with my daughter, The Fish.  Jumped in the car for a week (Spring Break) and got on the open road and made it up as we went.  She’s 11, so we headed for fun & sun and wound up in S. Califonia and ultimately Disneyland.  Had a ball.  Didn’t exercise ONCE!  But we were outdoors a lot!  Didn’t eat healthy (well maybe once)!  But I did keep my portion size in check.  Got home after a week vacation from everything.  I really tried to fall “off the grid” with everything and just focus on my daughter and fun.  It was great.  And when I got back home, I hadn’t done much damage to myself.  Up maybe 1.5 lbs.  It was a tad rough getting back in the saddle.  But I did it.  And I felt good about it.  And now this week…..situation normal.  Back and rollin.  Eatin’ right.  Gettin’ to the gym daily.  Getting proper sleep.  And I feel pretty great.  Big things going on at work that I’m excited about and feel I have the energy to take on new challenges.

Saturday will be the COMPLETION of my 12-week Body for Life Challenge.  I’ll post all my stats to recap how successful (or unsuccessful) I was on Saturday after I know.  But you know what….I don’t really care how it turns out “on paper”.  I feel I’ve changed and feel much better.  And it’s not over.  Monday is going to be just another day of “gettin it done”. The Journey is not over until my life is done…..I have a lot left to do.  And there’s massive room for improvement in all parts of my life.

Stay tuned.

Me at CornDog Castle in Disneyland.  I'm still at fat bastard at heart.  Just not quite as fat this trip.  I'm gettin there, but couldn't pass up the best corn dogs on the planet.

Me at CornDog Castle in Disneyland. I’m still at fat bastard at heart. Just not quite as fat this trip. I’m gettin there, but couldn’t pass up the best corn dogs on the planet.



The Journey – Week 8 Musings

29 Mar

Monday, 3/25 – Really nice to fly today and not have the seat belt digging into me.  I’ve maxed that thing out.  Thank Gawd, I’ve never needed “the extension”, but it’s always pretty tight.  Too tight.  Not today.  Nice and easy, and the young business babe next to me didn’t even seem to mind being seated next to a small whale.  Normally, I can see that look 20-25 feet before I get to my row.  That “Please God.  Don’t let him sit by me.  Please God.” look.  It’s humiliating.  Nice, cozy flight today.

Friday, 3/28 – What a week!  70+ hours.  Sleep/work/sleep/work.   But I did it.  I had the energy to push through.  Monday & Tuesday were brutal, but the week got better after that.  On the road in Boise, ID.  Unfortunately, there was only one time I could’ve worked out and I elected to go drinking with colleagues instead.  It was fun and the right choice.  I WILL be back in the gym tommorrow morning though!  I don’t think I can make it tonight after I worked all day and fly home tonight.  Fortunately, I did eat healthy almost the whole trip.  That’s always a struggle but I did it and it wasn’t even very hard.  I did break down last night, but other than that, perfect.  So I’m hoping the scale is kind in the morning on weigh-in day!  It should be!  Feeling good and looking forward to going home and seeing my family.

Saturday, 3/29 – Damn!  The week caught up with me.  I was exhausted by the time I got home.  Hugged everybody and dropped like a rock.  However, there’s nothing like a 10-hour sleep in your own bed.  Woke up refreshed at 6am.  Caught up on a couple shows, hit the gym and started running errands.  The scale wasn’t as kind as I’d hoped it would be, but I can’t complain.  It’s been 8 weeks and I’ve dropped 32lbs.  ALMOST under 300.  Getting close.  Capped off with a nice 90-minute massage.  So good to get back to the gym.  Plenty of energy and feeling great today.  Looking forward to my buddy Michael’s birthday bash tonight and Nerd Heaven a.k.a. Emerald City Comicon tomorrow with the kids!

See ya next week!


Still my all time favorite Comicon Cosplayer.  NO!  It's not me!

Still my all time favorite Comicon Cosplayer. NO! It’s not me!

The Journey – Week 7 Musings

16 Mar

Sunday 3/16 – Had another work dinner last night.  It was great to see my colleagues fall out of their chairs when I ordered a garlic chicken and basil dish instead of a burger.  And when I was full I pushed it away. #winning

Wednesday 3/19 – I was checking myself out this morning in the mirror and I look a lot better.  It’s still far from pretty, but I’ve definately shrunk and I’m almost certain my shoulders have grown as there’s a slight V shape to me instead of the usual O.  I did take some pictures in my underwear when I started and I’ll do it again after it’s been a total of 3 months, but I don’t want to do it until then.  My belly is definately smaller.  My face I think is a bit smaller too.  I was really hating pictures of me with a face that was so much bigger than everyone else in the picture.

Wednesday 3/19 – #Compassion.  I guess this “journey” is about physically getting better as well as mentally getting better.  Something I noticed about myself that I don’t particularly like, but I have no idea how to change, is my lack of compassion.  I just don’t think I’m normal.  For instance, if I see a what looks to be a nice bum on a wheelchair on the streets and I have a couple bucks in my pocket, I’ll give it to him.  I donate a lot of cash to charities throughout the year and am happy to do it.  I volunteer a lot of time to organizations and charities every year.  Last year I did 138 hours and I’m very proud of that.  Now here’s the problem.  Yesterday in Seattle, there was a news helicopter crash and the pilot and photographer died.  Another man on the ground was seriously injured.  Everyone is talking about it and it’s a huge news story here.  When I heard it, I didn’t really think anything of it.  I certainly wasn’t happy about it.  But it didn’t overwhelm me with sadness either.  It didn’t affect me in any way at all.  I feel sorry for the families who lost loved ones and then I didn’t think about it again the rest of the day.  At night, I was reading a Scuba magazine and the news was on in the background.  They were talking about the crash.  Again, nothing.  Then I turn to a page in my magazine with horrific pictures of the slaughter of manta rays and sharks in 3rd world Asian countries and my heart about breaks in two.  Whenever I hear of a child taken, kidnapped, raped, hurt, or killed, I could sometimes just cry.  But people, strangers….completely ambivalent.  I don’t like that.  Even when my own family members die, and my little brother was tragically taken in a motorcycle accident a few years back, I don’t think I feel what others do.  It’s strange and it bothers me that I seem to lack the emotion that everyone else seems to have.

Thursday 3/20 – I have a beautiful pair of Bose headphones that I got for Christmas a couple years ago.  I love ’em.  However, I use them everyday at the gym, and they’ve begun to …. smell.  Smell bad.  Like dead body bad.  There’s this layer of foam that surrounds the ear cup that I guess has gotten sweat soaked and it is awful.  I can smell it, so the unfortunate people around me can smell it and they’re either 1) really grossed out, or 2) really impressed how hard I’m working.  It’s probably #1.  I need to figure out how to replace the cups, or get rid of the smell.  I don’t wanna buy another set because these babies are spendy and they still work great.  It would be cheaper to buy a clothespin for my nose and to pass them out to immediate neighbors.

Sunday, 3/23 – Well the weekend came and went.  Actually, I have a day left as it’s early morning on Sunday free day.  Took off Thursday after work for a long weekend up in Birch Bay (right on the Canadian border in very northern WA state) w/my wife, daughter, and her best friend (who’s like our niece, a daughter of one of my best friends in the world.)  I stayed on track.  Ate right and exercised on Thur & Fri.  Saturday rolled around and we decided to go to Canada.  We went up into Vancouver BC, through Stanley Park, stopped a couple hours at the great Vancover Aquarium (really great aquarium), and then this really cool water recreation center, which was more like a water park, in Richmond BC called Watermania (super cheap and super fun for families!)  All of us had a really great time and it took up the entire day.  As we were at Watermania, my wife elected to sit and watch.  I got in the wave pool w/the girls, went down the slides, we were jumping off the super high diving block which I would guess was about 22-24 feet (it looks higher when you’re up there looking down!)  I was much more active than I usually am and had fun playing like I was a kid!  My wife commented right before we were going that she was tired.  We had had a long day.  I honestly wasn’t tired at all.  We drove back to the USA and had dinner at a local burger & fries joint and it was awesome!  I blew it.  But that’s ok.  Today is a new day and all I can do is my best today.  (And it’s free day so it won’t be so hard.)  🙂  Now, I leave for Boise for the week in the morning.  That will be a challenge, but I will do everything I can to eat healthy and get my work out in.

See ya next week.

Here's The Fish and her friend Allie at the Vancouver Aquarium.  As far as aquarium's go, it's pretty awesome.  Not as good as Monterrey Bay down in CA, but way better than the Seattle Aquarium (the worst aquarium in the world.)

Here’s The Fish and her friend Allie at the Vancouver Aquarium. As far as aquarium’s go, it’s pretty awesome. Not as good as Monterrey Bay down in CA, but way better than the Seattle Aquarium (the worst aquarium in the world.)

The Journey – Week 6 Musings

15 Mar

Last Saturday rolled around and I sat down to do my weekly reflection.  I recall during Week 5 having all sorts of wise, or at least what I think is interesting, comments and thoughts that I could hopefully share and hit one person and inspire them to think about changing.  But, when I sat down, to reflect, nothing came to me.  Everything was fine.  Had a very good, busy, productive week and stayed on track.  What happened to all that great stuff I was thinking about saying during the week?  Don’t know….I lost it.  (And it probably wasn’t that great to begin with, but it seemed like it at the time.)

So with that thought, I figured I’d change it up this week and go with short, random musings as they come to me during the week.

Monday, 3/10 – Yesterday on free day, I overdid it.  Not on purpose.  It was just “free day” and I don’t worry on free day.  I do what I want.  Went out to breakfast.  Had a 3 egg omelette w/ham, bacon, and sausage, home fries, and a piece of thick wheat toast.  It was huge.  It was pretty damn good.  It was WAY too much to eat.  I was stuffed.  Later in the day, I had 4 tagalong cookies, not because I was hungry, but because they were there and tasted awesome.  Probably drank 3-4 glasses of my favorite drink, Coke throughout the day.  For dinner, I wasn’t hungry at all, but it was free day!  Don’t waste it!  I went to 5 Guys.  Got a bacon double cheeseburger and a large fry.  Stuffed them into me, then subsequently felt like shit.  It all did not fit in me anymore and I forced it.  That was not good.  And kind of ruined it.  The eating pleasure, completely gone.  It was simply about finishing and getting it in on free day.  Problem:  None.  It was free day!  Lesson learned:  I could’ve EASILY taken that delicious breakfast and spread it out through the day and been JUST fine.  Box it up when I leave, or throw it away, just leave it.  Those are options, I don’t consider when I eat out.  Or, if I want to indulge and am not even hungry, I could’ve EASILY gotten by with a bacon cheeseburger and small fry and been JUST fine.   Just because I can, does not mean I should or have to.  I’m going to fix that next Sunday.  You should not eat until it makes you feel sick.  What I used to consider normal, is no longer normal for me.

Monday 3/10 – I am wearing a pair of jeans that I could not button, let alone zip 5 weeks and 2 days ago.  They fit wonderfully and are VERY comfortable.  That is a win today.

This is a picture of myself I absolutely HATE.  I look, I mean, I am massive and look very unhappy.  Even though I wasn't.  This was on 12/29 and a contributer to me deciding I needed to make a change.  it was also the final regular season win for the Seahawks against the Rams which won us the NFC West.

This is a picture of myself I absolutely HATE. I look, I mean, I am massive and look very unhappy. Even though I wasn’t. This was on 12/29 and a contributor to me deciding I needed to make a change. it was also the final regular season win for the Seahawks against the Rams which won us the NFC West.

Monday 3/10 – Some asshole parked so close to me I couldn’t even fit between the cars to unlock the door.  I have NO clue how this person got out of their car as our driver doors were no more than 3 inches apart.  A sheet of notebook paper would have trouble getting out of this car.  Must’ve been the skinniest prick in the world.  Anyways, the reason I bring this up, is I remember this happened to me about a year ago.  Same car.  I drive an older 4 door sedan.  It’s a 1998 POS Malibu with 116K miles on it.  It runs like a top.  It is not big.  Anyways, I have to go in the passenger door and climb over the console to be able to drive away.  Again, the car is not big.  For the record, I am.  Now when I did this a year ago, I remember being thankful no one witnessed it.  I remember huffing and puffing as I tried to contort my massive body to clear the console and drop into the drivers seat.  It was a bitch and I think I had to make a couple attempts before I succeeded.  Today, recalling that dreadful occurrence, I was shocked as it took me about 2.5 seconds to quickly and nimbly hop the console, plop right down in the drivers seat and drive off.  After I wrote the asshole parker a nice like FU note.  That’s progress baby!

Tuesday 3/11 – I am in awe of myself and how productive I have been lately.  This new vigor and renewed energy is wonderful.  I have always been a procrastinater and the last 3-4 months before I started The Journey, I was severely lacking focus.  I was really “laying on the bottom.”  I felt like I was starting to die.  Not painful, or hurting, or dying tomorrow, but I honestly did not feel like I was growing or living any more.  I was just repeating the motions day in and day out somewhat aimlessly and I just did not feel like me.  I am so much more dialed in.  I don’t know if it’s the healthy eating, proper sleep, or what, but it’s something and I really love it.  Rather than think, and him-and-haw, I just keep doing it and getting it done.  Whatever “it” may be.

Thursday 3/13 – I don’t think I made a poop yesterday.  That’s never happened before.  I’m usually in the can at least 30 minutes (total) a day.  That’s like 2% of the day.  That’s like 3.5 hours a week pooping.  This is going to save me a lot of time!

Thursday 3/13 – Knowing I have a work dinner tonight, I got up and went to the gym this morning! That was smart. Healthy food packed for the day. Now tonight I have to make a sensible meal choice and cap the cocktails at two! One day at a time…

Saturday 3/14 – Had a long 13 hour day yesterday and as I type this at 7am, I have another long one coming up today, but then this project will be DONE!!  Got home from work last night about 8:40pm and my wife’s car was gone.  Then I remembered the school had the silent auction and bingo night.  I was on this committe and spent dozens of hours planning it and working on it, but unfortunately couldn’t make the event due to work.  Now normally, I’d park, and go right up to bed, but I whipped the car around and drove back to the school as the event had 20 minutes left.  I did make it and got my appearance in, even though I have to get up early again on Saturday and go back to work.  Extra energy rocks.  I really am not that tired even after finishing two long, hard days and one more coming up today.  Just about to head out.

I am a little dissapointed I did not have time to get to the gym yesterday or today, but life goes on.  I will do better tomorrow and I was able to stay on track eating all week.  I know I must’ve dropped a couple more pounds.  2-3 pounds a week is 100-150 a year!  And my starting goal was 115, and I’m about 30 in after finishing week six.

See ya next week or sooner if something cool happens.

The Journey – Week 5

9 Mar

This was the easiest week yet.  As far as staying on target.  Had no problems eating right or getting to the gym.  And it was a tough week.  I have a couple huge projects at work brewing and it was a high stress, couldn’t get enough done, kind of a week.  To add to that, I’m my daughter’s Girl Scout Cookie Mom.  That’s a huge job in itself during this time of year being the cookie warehouse and site sale manager for the entire troop.  It was a trying week.  And you know what?  I did it all and then some.  That ever growing to-do list which I find myself constantly shifting things around and never actually getting anything done…..I actually knocked off a bunch of those as well.

I have so much more energy.  I am not constantly laying down and “resting”.  I’ve been rocking at work too.  So focused and driving everything forward.  It’s been a wonderful feeling to feel like I’m coming back.  This is the person I used to be and the guy I miss.  The bad news is I have about 10 hours of my favorite TV shows DVR’d that I have to catch up on, but I will probably just wind up deleting it all and being done with it.  Who cares?  I really don’t.  That problem solved!

Really nothing more to report than that.  Enjoying my Sunday and feeling super good.  Going out for late breakfast w/the family after we drop off for our first site sale of the day.  Got a few to-dos to wrap and a couple honey-do’s, but the day will be enjoyably spent getting things done, not napping and couching, which is what I would normally be doing on any given Sunday.

Thanks all for your encouragement.  This train is rollin’ on.  See you next week.

P.S.  I am ALMOST under 300 and just a couple points from not being “extremely obese” and am still looking forward to just being plain ole “obese”.

The Journey – Week 4

1 Mar


I was on a 7 day work road trip last week so I missed my Week 3 update.  Even though I was travelling, I did good keeping up with my routines and eating healthy.  Although I did miss a couple of days.  Due to the work, hours, and stress, I just couldn’t do it.  But rather than getting down on myself, I just got back in the saddle on Wednesday when I got home and kept on rolling.

Today is Saturday and I have some great news.  In the four weeks since I have started my Body for Life program I have dropped my BMI from 45.4 to 42.5.  Still “extremely obese”, but my sights are on “obese” which is a BMI under 40.  I think that’s a goal.  By April 1st, I will be obese!  I bet nobody’s ever said that proudly.  In addition I’ve lost 4.2% of my body fat while gaining a 1/2 lb. of muscle.  My lean mass went up, and my body fat dropped significantly.  I think I’m doing it right.  Scale weight lost in 4 weeks is 25 lbs.  13 came off the first week, and the other 12 took me 3 weeks which is about what I expected.  I have felt hungry or I didn’t get enough to eat exactly zero times in the last month.  I eat 5-6 times a day!  I’ve found I love greek yogurt, spinach, and am much more tolerant of salad and vegetables.  I think I might have enjoyed last night’s salad.  In fact, I know I’ve eaten more fruits & vegetables in the last month than I’ve eaten in the last 5 years.  My cardio intensity increases just about every week as well as adding more and more weight to workouts.  And I’m in the gym under 5 hours a week.  And I still get my bacon doublecheeseburger & fries on free day.  Which is tomorrow!  (But I’ve noticed it’s not as great as I think it will be in my mind.  And this week I haven’t really been “looking forward” to it.  I’ve been just fine eating healthy.)

The best part is I just feel I’m getting my mojo back.  November through January I was really feeling shitty.  No energy to do anything.  Didn’t want to do anything.  I could go to work and dreaded everything else.  And even at work, I didn’t feel as sharp or focused as I usually do.  I found myself putting “to-dos” off in my personal life and if you know me, I always seem to have a ton of stuff going on.  Just couldn’t do it…or do it as well as I wanted to.  Even my wife and I were talking last night and she said I seemed to be in a rut, but noticed a serious change in me the last month and that’s good.  I feel I’m changing.  For the better.  I’m certainly feeling much better and that’s for sure!

I think I feel so good, I’ll post my blogs about this experience which I have been afraid to put up.  For what reason, I don’t exactly know.  I suppose I thought I might fail or didn’t believe I could do this.  I don’t know really.  But I’m ready.  I’ll share with you what I’ve done and why I’ve done it for anyone who cares.  If I inspire one person, it’s worth any embarassment or ridicule.

So that’s my weekly update.  I’ve been runnin’ ragged since I got up at 8am and that’s unusal.  I still have more to get done today and I actually feel like doing it!  If all goes well, I’m going to round up some mates and have a few cocktails at the local watering hole!


The Journey – Week 2

1 Mar


I gotta say I think I’m doing really good.  Very positive today.

This week while still tough, wasn’t as mentally tough as the first week.  I am starting, dare I say it, enjoying being in a gym again.  I like the vibe of all people working at improving themselves.  Even if I can spot some mistakes.  It’s not my place to help anyone until I help myself and let me tell you….I have a LONG way to go.  However, I checked in today at 316.8 which is ungodly, but to me, sounds pretty good.  When I got on that scale 2 weeks ago exactly, it said 334.  Granted the majority of that weight came off in the first week and I know it’s all water, but I dropped a solid 4.2lbs last week.  I never got hungry, and at least 1/2 the food I ate, I enjoyed.  The other half I tolerated, but it was better than the first week.  Plus I love Sunday, I get myself a fatass cheeseburger.  God, I love em.

Anyways, I am somewhat excited to get to the gym now to try to improve on my last performance and push myself.  I’ve been good about planning out my food and next day’s workout the day before.  That’s helping big time.  I need the plan.  When I set foot into the gym, I know exactly where I’m going, what I’m doing, and how long I expect to train.  I try to do a little more than I did the time before searching for that sweet spot where I can’t do another rep.  It’s trial and error, but in just 2 weeks, I’ve gained quite a bit of confidence again and frequently add weight, increase time, speed, or incline depending on what kind of workout I’m doing.  I’ve found a few sweet spots, now I need to build the muscle to bust through them and set new highs.

Been feeling good in the day too.  More energy, more alert, it’s been really nice.  And it’s been really cold here and I’m out and about early so I gotta zip my coat up, and I swear there’s a little more room in there than there was a couple weeks ago.  And yesterday I had to pull my pants up a few times, but haven’t quite dropped another belt loop.  Maybe next week….

Looking forward to rest tomorrow, and then I will make my plan for Monday and make it my absolute top priority to complete it.

See ya next week, or sooner if something cool happens.

The Journey – Week 1 Reflection

1 Mar


Well, week one is in the books and I have to say, I’m pretty happy about it for a whole lot of reasons.  I went down a belt loop in a week with the 13 pounds I dropped.  Now I know that’s a lot weight for one week, but I’m very overweight and so I know a lot of it was just water, but it still feels good.  I don’t expect those stagerring results to continue.

Did I starve?  Not in the slightest.  Last week was the first time in a long time I never actually felt hungry.  Eating six meals a day is a lot harder than it sounds even if those meals are small.  The Body for Life program gives me a food list to choose from and considers one portion of protein and one portion of carbs a meal.  A portion being the size of your palm or clinched fist.  Throw fruits and veggys in to several meals for good measure.  And I did it.  I would guess I ate almost as much as I normally do.  The difference being everything I put in me had actual nutritional value.  I did not have any trouble abstaining from soda or junk food.  At least last week.  There was no temptation with my free day coming up on Sunday when I knew I could satisfy any craving.

Also, ate more fruit and salad in the last week than I’ve ate in the last year combined.  Fruit is good!  Salad is tolerable, but not bad.

I got to the gym six out of six days last week.  Got in two upper body workouts, three cardio sessions, and one lower body workout.  God knows I was so sore on Wednesday after my Monday upper body workout, and when Friday came around for another upper body, I didn’t know if I could do it as I was still a bit sore, but once I got in there and got going, no problem.  Fortunately Sunday & today, Monday, I don’t feel nearly as sore as I did after the first one.  After each workout, I usually plan the next one and make some revisions to make the workout just right for me.  While far from a perfect week in the gym, I would give myself a 7 or 8 for each session on a scale of 1 to 10.  Several times it was hard to “go”, but once I got there, no problems at all.  While the workouts are tough, I do enjoy them and feel excellent when completed.  (I did used to lift a lot of weights at several points in my life, but it’s been a good 10+ years.)

Energy levels were improved last week, but still a far cry from where I want to get.  I did feel better.  I attribute a lot of that to forcing myself to get eight hours of sleep a night.  I wasn’t totally successful, but I did do a pretty decent job of getting enough rest.  I love bedtime.

Sunday was great, my free day.  I induldged in my favorite foods and while enjoyable, it wasn’t as “great” as I was looking forward too.  Hopefully I didn’t screw things up too badly, but I do love having this day on this program.  It gives me something to look forward to.  But as I said, I looked forward to it, but once I got there, it wasn’t as great as I thought it would be.  And while I ate terribly, it was certainly no worse than I would eat on any given day before I started the program.

While I have my vision for where I’d like to be in 12 weeks (11 now), I’m trying to focus on “today”.  I just need to eat right today and make sure to get my workout in.  And plan for tomorrow.  I’m not thinking much past Tuesday.  Totally focused on my top priority today of 1) eating right and 2) getting in the workout, and 3) getting proper rest.  Those are three of the things I must get done today to have a better tomorrow.

See ya!