The Journey – Week 8 Musings

29 Mar

Monday, 3/25 – Really nice to fly today and not have the seat belt digging into me.  I’ve maxed that thing out.  Thank Gawd, I’ve never needed “the extension”, but it’s always pretty tight.  Too tight.  Not today.  Nice and easy, and the young business babe next to me didn’t even seem to mind being seated next to a small whale.  Normally, I can see that look 20-25 feet before I get to my row.  That “Please God.  Don’t let him sit by me.  Please God.” look.  It’s humiliating.  Nice, cozy flight today.

Friday, 3/28 – What a week!  70+ hours.  Sleep/work/sleep/work.   But I did it.  I had the energy to push through.  Monday & Tuesday were brutal, but the week got better after that.  On the road in Boise, ID.  Unfortunately, there was only one time I could’ve worked out and I elected to go drinking with colleagues instead.  It was fun and the right choice.  I WILL be back in the gym tommorrow morning though!  I don’t think I can make it tonight after I worked all day and fly home tonight.  Fortunately, I did eat healthy almost the whole trip.  That’s always a struggle but I did it and it wasn’t even very hard.  I did break down last night, but other than that, perfect.  So I’m hoping the scale is kind in the morning on weigh-in day!  It should be!  Feeling good and looking forward to going home and seeing my family.

Saturday, 3/29 – Damn!  The week caught up with me.  I was exhausted by the time I got home.  Hugged everybody and dropped like a rock.  However, there’s nothing like a 10-hour sleep in your own bed.  Woke up refreshed at 6am.  Caught up on a couple shows, hit the gym and started running errands.  The scale wasn’t as kind as I’d hoped it would be, but I can’t complain.  It’s been 8 weeks and I’ve dropped 32lbs.  ALMOST under 300.  Getting close.  Capped off with a nice 90-minute massage.  So good to get back to the gym.  Plenty of energy and feeling great today.  Looking forward to my buddy Michael’s birthday bash tonight and Nerd Heaven a.k.a. Emerald City Comicon tomorrow with the kids!

See ya next week!


Still my all time favorite Comicon Cosplayer.  NO!  It's not me!

Still my all time favorite Comicon Cosplayer. NO! It’s not me!


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