The Journey – Week 7 Musings

16 Mar

Sunday 3/16 – Had another work dinner last night.  It was great to see my colleagues fall out of their chairs when I ordered a garlic chicken and basil dish instead of a burger.  And when I was full I pushed it away. #winning

Wednesday 3/19 – I was checking myself out this morning in the mirror and I look a lot better.  It’s still far from pretty, but I’ve definately shrunk and I’m almost certain my shoulders have grown as there’s a slight V shape to me instead of the usual O.  I did take some pictures in my underwear when I started and I’ll do it again after it’s been a total of 3 months, but I don’t want to do it until then.  My belly is definately smaller.  My face I think is a bit smaller too.  I was really hating pictures of me with a face that was so much bigger than everyone else in the picture.

Wednesday 3/19 – #Compassion.  I guess this “journey” is about physically getting better as well as mentally getting better.  Something I noticed about myself that I don’t particularly like, but I have no idea how to change, is my lack of compassion.  I just don’t think I’m normal.  For instance, if I see a what looks to be a nice bum on a wheelchair on the streets and I have a couple bucks in my pocket, I’ll give it to him.  I donate a lot of cash to charities throughout the year and am happy to do it.  I volunteer a lot of time to organizations and charities every year.  Last year I did 138 hours and I’m very proud of that.  Now here’s the problem.  Yesterday in Seattle, there was a news helicopter crash and the pilot and photographer died.  Another man on the ground was seriously injured.  Everyone is talking about it and it’s a huge news story here.  When I heard it, I didn’t really think anything of it.  I certainly wasn’t happy about it.  But it didn’t overwhelm me with sadness either.  It didn’t affect me in any way at all.  I feel sorry for the families who lost loved ones and then I didn’t think about it again the rest of the day.  At night, I was reading a Scuba magazine and the news was on in the background.  They were talking about the crash.  Again, nothing.  Then I turn to a page in my magazine with horrific pictures of the slaughter of manta rays and sharks in 3rd world Asian countries and my heart about breaks in two.  Whenever I hear of a child taken, kidnapped, raped, hurt, or killed, I could sometimes just cry.  But people, strangers….completely ambivalent.  I don’t like that.  Even when my own family members die, and my little brother was tragically taken in a motorcycle accident a few years back, I don’t think I feel what others do.  It’s strange and it bothers me that I seem to lack the emotion that everyone else seems to have.

Thursday 3/20 – I have a beautiful pair of Bose headphones that I got for Christmas a couple years ago.  I love ’em.  However, I use them everyday at the gym, and they’ve begun to …. smell.  Smell bad.  Like dead body bad.  There’s this layer of foam that surrounds the ear cup that I guess has gotten sweat soaked and it is awful.  I can smell it, so the unfortunate people around me can smell it and they’re either 1) really grossed out, or 2) really impressed how hard I’m working.  It’s probably #1.  I need to figure out how to replace the cups, or get rid of the smell.  I don’t wanna buy another set because these babies are spendy and they still work great.  It would be cheaper to buy a clothespin for my nose and to pass them out to immediate neighbors.

Sunday, 3/23 – Well the weekend came and went.  Actually, I have a day left as it’s early morning on Sunday free day.  Took off Thursday after work for a long weekend up in Birch Bay (right on the Canadian border in very northern WA state) w/my wife, daughter, and her best friend (who’s like our niece, a daughter of one of my best friends in the world.)  I stayed on track.  Ate right and exercised on Thur & Fri.  Saturday rolled around and we decided to go to Canada.  We went up into Vancouver BC, through Stanley Park, stopped a couple hours at the great Vancover Aquarium (really great aquarium), and then this really cool water recreation center, which was more like a water park, in Richmond BC called Watermania (super cheap and super fun for families!)  All of us had a really great time and it took up the entire day.  As we were at Watermania, my wife elected to sit and watch.  I got in the wave pool w/the girls, went down the slides, we were jumping off the super high diving block which I would guess was about 22-24 feet (it looks higher when you’re up there looking down!)  I was much more active than I usually am and had fun playing like I was a kid!  My wife commented right before we were going that she was tired.  We had had a long day.  I honestly wasn’t tired at all.  We drove back to the USA and had dinner at a local burger & fries joint and it was awesome!  I blew it.  But that’s ok.  Today is a new day and all I can do is my best today.  (And it’s free day so it won’t be so hard.)  🙂  Now, I leave for Boise for the week in the morning.  That will be a challenge, but I will do everything I can to eat healthy and get my work out in.

See ya next week.

Here's The Fish and her friend Allie at the Vancouver Aquarium.  As far as aquarium's go, it's pretty awesome.  Not as good as Monterrey Bay down in CA, but way better than the Seattle Aquarium (the worst aquarium in the world.)

Here’s The Fish and her friend Allie at the Vancouver Aquarium. As far as aquarium’s go, it’s pretty awesome. Not as good as Monterrey Bay down in CA, but way better than the Seattle Aquarium (the worst aquarium in the world.)


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