The Journey – Week 6 Musings

15 Mar

Last Saturday rolled around and I sat down to do my weekly reflection.  I recall during Week 5 having all sorts of wise, or at least what I think is interesting, comments and thoughts that I could hopefully share and hit one person and inspire them to think about changing.  But, when I sat down, to reflect, nothing came to me.  Everything was fine.  Had a very good, busy, productive week and stayed on track.  What happened to all that great stuff I was thinking about saying during the week?  Don’t know….I lost it.  (And it probably wasn’t that great to begin with, but it seemed like it at the time.)

So with that thought, I figured I’d change it up this week and go with short, random musings as they come to me during the week.

Monday, 3/10 – Yesterday on free day, I overdid it.  Not on purpose.  It was just “free day” and I don’t worry on free day.  I do what I want.  Went out to breakfast.  Had a 3 egg omelette w/ham, bacon, and sausage, home fries, and a piece of thick wheat toast.  It was huge.  It was pretty damn good.  It was WAY too much to eat.  I was stuffed.  Later in the day, I had 4 tagalong cookies, not because I was hungry, but because they were there and tasted awesome.  Probably drank 3-4 glasses of my favorite drink, Coke throughout the day.  For dinner, I wasn’t hungry at all, but it was free day!  Don’t waste it!  I went to 5 Guys.  Got a bacon double cheeseburger and a large fry.  Stuffed them into me, then subsequently felt like shit.  It all did not fit in me anymore and I forced it.  That was not good.  And kind of ruined it.  The eating pleasure, completely gone.  It was simply about finishing and getting it in on free day.  Problem:  None.  It was free day!  Lesson learned:  I could’ve EASILY taken that delicious breakfast and spread it out through the day and been JUST fine.  Box it up when I leave, or throw it away, just leave it.  Those are options, I don’t consider when I eat out.  Or, if I want to indulge and am not even hungry, I could’ve EASILY gotten by with a bacon cheeseburger and small fry and been JUST fine.   Just because I can, does not mean I should or have to.  I’m going to fix that next Sunday.  You should not eat until it makes you feel sick.  What I used to consider normal, is no longer normal for me.

Monday 3/10 – I am wearing a pair of jeans that I could not button, let alone zip 5 weeks and 2 days ago.  They fit wonderfully and are VERY comfortable.  That is a win today.

This is a picture of myself I absolutely HATE.  I look, I mean, I am massive and look very unhappy.  Even though I wasn't.  This was on 12/29 and a contributer to me deciding I needed to make a change.  it was also the final regular season win for the Seahawks against the Rams which won us the NFC West.

This is a picture of myself I absolutely HATE. I look, I mean, I am massive and look very unhappy. Even though I wasn’t. This was on 12/29 and a contributor to me deciding I needed to make a change. it was also the final regular season win for the Seahawks against the Rams which won us the NFC West.

Monday 3/10 – Some asshole parked so close to me I couldn’t even fit between the cars to unlock the door.  I have NO clue how this person got out of their car as our driver doors were no more than 3 inches apart.  A sheet of notebook paper would have trouble getting out of this car.  Must’ve been the skinniest prick in the world.  Anyways, the reason I bring this up, is I remember this happened to me about a year ago.  Same car.  I drive an older 4 door sedan.  It’s a 1998 POS Malibu with 116K miles on it.  It runs like a top.  It is not big.  Anyways, I have to go in the passenger door and climb over the console to be able to drive away.  Again, the car is not big.  For the record, I am.  Now when I did this a year ago, I remember being thankful no one witnessed it.  I remember huffing and puffing as I tried to contort my massive body to clear the console and drop into the drivers seat.  It was a bitch and I think I had to make a couple attempts before I succeeded.  Today, recalling that dreadful occurrence, I was shocked as it took me about 2.5 seconds to quickly and nimbly hop the console, plop right down in the drivers seat and drive off.  After I wrote the asshole parker a nice like FU note.  That’s progress baby!

Tuesday 3/11 – I am in awe of myself and how productive I have been lately.  This new vigor and renewed energy is wonderful.  I have always been a procrastinater and the last 3-4 months before I started The Journey, I was severely lacking focus.  I was really “laying on the bottom.”  I felt like I was starting to die.  Not painful, or hurting, or dying tomorrow, but I honestly did not feel like I was growing or living any more.  I was just repeating the motions day in and day out somewhat aimlessly and I just did not feel like me.  I am so much more dialed in.  I don’t know if it’s the healthy eating, proper sleep, or what, but it’s something and I really love it.  Rather than think, and him-and-haw, I just keep doing it and getting it done.  Whatever “it” may be.

Thursday 3/13 – I don’t think I made a poop yesterday.  That’s never happened before.  I’m usually in the can at least 30 minutes (total) a day.  That’s like 2% of the day.  That’s like 3.5 hours a week pooping.  This is going to save me a lot of time!

Thursday 3/13 – Knowing I have a work dinner tonight, I got up and went to the gym this morning! That was smart. Healthy food packed for the day. Now tonight I have to make a sensible meal choice and cap the cocktails at two! One day at a time…

Saturday 3/14 – Had a long 13 hour day yesterday and as I type this at 7am, I have another long one coming up today, but then this project will be DONE!!  Got home from work last night about 8:40pm and my wife’s car was gone.  Then I remembered the school had the silent auction and bingo night.  I was on this committe and spent dozens of hours planning it and working on it, but unfortunately couldn’t make the event due to work.  Now normally, I’d park, and go right up to bed, but I whipped the car around and drove back to the school as the event had 20 minutes left.  I did make it and got my appearance in, even though I have to get up early again on Saturday and go back to work.  Extra energy rocks.  I really am not that tired even after finishing two long, hard days and one more coming up today.  Just about to head out.

I am a little dissapointed I did not have time to get to the gym yesterday or today, but life goes on.  I will do better tomorrow and I was able to stay on track eating all week.  I know I must’ve dropped a couple more pounds.  2-3 pounds a week is 100-150 a year!  And my starting goal was 115, and I’m about 30 in after finishing week six.

See ya next week or sooner if something cool happens.


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