The Journey – Week 5

9 Mar

This was the easiest week yet.  As far as staying on target.  Had no problems eating right or getting to the gym.  And it was a tough week.  I have a couple huge projects at work brewing and it was a high stress, couldn’t get enough done, kind of a week.  To add to that, I’m my daughter’s Girl Scout Cookie Mom.  That’s a huge job in itself during this time of year being the cookie warehouse and site sale manager for the entire troop.  It was a trying week.  And you know what?  I did it all and then some.  That ever growing to-do list which I find myself constantly shifting things around and never actually getting anything done…..I actually knocked off a bunch of those as well.

I have so much more energy.  I am not constantly laying down and “resting”.  I’ve been rocking at work too.  So focused and driving everything forward.  It’s been a wonderful feeling to feel like I’m coming back.  This is the person I used to be and the guy I miss.  The bad news is I have about 10 hours of my favorite TV shows DVR’d that I have to catch up on, but I will probably just wind up deleting it all and being done with it.  Who cares?  I really don’t.  That problem solved!

Really nothing more to report than that.  Enjoying my Sunday and feeling super good.  Going out for late breakfast w/the family after we drop off for our first site sale of the day.  Got a few to-dos to wrap and a couple honey-do’s, but the day will be enjoyably spent getting things done, not napping and couching, which is what I would normally be doing on any given Sunday.

Thanks all for your encouragement.  This train is rollin’ on.  See you next week.

P.S.  I am ALMOST under 300 and just a couple points from not being “extremely obese” and am still looking forward to just being plain ole “obese”.


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