The Journey – Week 2

1 Mar


I gotta say I think I’m doing really good.  Very positive today.

This week while still tough, wasn’t as mentally tough as the first week.  I am starting, dare I say it, enjoying being in a gym again.  I like the vibe of all people working at improving themselves.  Even if I can spot some mistakes.  It’s not my place to help anyone until I help myself and let me tell you….I have a LONG way to go.  However, I checked in today at 316.8 which is ungodly, but to me, sounds pretty good.  When I got on that scale 2 weeks ago exactly, it said 334.  Granted the majority of that weight came off in the first week and I know it’s all water, but I dropped a solid 4.2lbs last week.  I never got hungry, and at least 1/2 the food I ate, I enjoyed.  The other half I tolerated, but it was better than the first week.  Plus I love Sunday, I get myself a fatass cheeseburger.  God, I love em.

Anyways, I am somewhat excited to get to the gym now to try to improve on my last performance and push myself.  I’ve been good about planning out my food and next day’s workout the day before.  That’s helping big time.  I need the plan.  When I set foot into the gym, I know exactly where I’m going, what I’m doing, and how long I expect to train.  I try to do a little more than I did the time before searching for that sweet spot where I can’t do another rep.  It’s trial and error, but in just 2 weeks, I’ve gained quite a bit of confidence again and frequently add weight, increase time, speed, or incline depending on what kind of workout I’m doing.  I’ve found a few sweet spots, now I need to build the muscle to bust through them and set new highs.

Been feeling good in the day too.  More energy, more alert, it’s been really nice.  And it’s been really cold here and I’m out and about early so I gotta zip my coat up, and I swear there’s a little more room in there than there was a couple weeks ago.  And yesterday I had to pull my pants up a few times, but haven’t quite dropped another belt loop.  Maybe next week….

Looking forward to rest tomorrow, and then I will make my plan for Monday and make it my absolute top priority to complete it.

See ya next week, or sooner if something cool happens.


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