The Journey – Week 1 Reflection

1 Mar


Well, week one is in the books and I have to say, I’m pretty happy about it for a whole lot of reasons.  I went down a belt loop in a week with the 13 pounds I dropped.  Now I know that’s a lot weight for one week, but I’m very overweight and so I know a lot of it was just water, but it still feels good.  I don’t expect those stagerring results to continue.

Did I starve?  Not in the slightest.  Last week was the first time in a long time I never actually felt hungry.  Eating six meals a day is a lot harder than it sounds even if those meals are small.  The Body for Life program gives me a food list to choose from and considers one portion of protein and one portion of carbs a meal.  A portion being the size of your palm or clinched fist.  Throw fruits and veggys in to several meals for good measure.  And I did it.  I would guess I ate almost as much as I normally do.  The difference being everything I put in me had actual nutritional value.  I did not have any trouble abstaining from soda or junk food.  At least last week.  There was no temptation with my free day coming up on Sunday when I knew I could satisfy any craving.

Also, ate more fruit and salad in the last week than I’ve ate in the last year combined.  Fruit is good!  Salad is tolerable, but not bad.

I got to the gym six out of six days last week.  Got in two upper body workouts, three cardio sessions, and one lower body workout.  God knows I was so sore on Wednesday after my Monday upper body workout, and when Friday came around for another upper body, I didn’t know if I could do it as I was still a bit sore, but once I got in there and got going, no problem.  Fortunately Sunday & today, Monday, I don’t feel nearly as sore as I did after the first one.  After each workout, I usually plan the next one and make some revisions to make the workout just right for me.  While far from a perfect week in the gym, I would give myself a 7 or 8 for each session on a scale of 1 to 10.  Several times it was hard to “go”, but once I got there, no problems at all.  While the workouts are tough, I do enjoy them and feel excellent when completed.  (I did used to lift a lot of weights at several points in my life, but it’s been a good 10+ years.)

Energy levels were improved last week, but still a far cry from where I want to get.  I did feel better.  I attribute a lot of that to forcing myself to get eight hours of sleep a night.  I wasn’t totally successful, but I did do a pretty decent job of getting enough rest.  I love bedtime.

Sunday was great, my free day.  I induldged in my favorite foods and while enjoyable, it wasn’t as “great” as I was looking forward too.  Hopefully I didn’t screw things up too badly, but I do love having this day on this program.  It gives me something to look forward to.  But as I said, I looked forward to it, but once I got there, it wasn’t as great as I thought it would be.  And while I ate terribly, it was certainly no worse than I would eat on any given day before I started the program.

While I have my vision for where I’d like to be in 12 weeks (11 now), I’m trying to focus on “today”.  I just need to eat right today and make sure to get my workout in.  And plan for tomorrow.  I’m not thinking much past Tuesday.  Totally focused on my top priority today of 1) eating right and 2) getting in the workout, and 3) getting proper rest.  Those are three of the things I must get done today to have a better tomorrow.

See ya!


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