The Journey – Day 1 Reflection

1 Mar


Well, I did it.  Yesterday was Day 1 of the Body for Life program.  I had planned out my day’s food and workout on Sunday and committed to it yesterday.  While it didn’t come out perfectly, I did eat 5 of my 6 meals yesterday and they were all healthy.  Considering my normal diet, they were REALLY healthy.  And it wasn’t terrible.
My upperbody workout was hard.  I knew it would be.  I did my best to stick with my plan and will use that experience to adjust the next upper body workout (on Friday).  My son surprised me and instead of going to weight training after school, he waited for me to get home and came to the gym with me.  That night at dinner, he told my wife that I looked like a real stud lifting free weights and I think he was being genuine.  (I did used to lift a lot of weights in my teens and again in my early 30’s, but that’s how long it’s been.)

But the bad news is, I’m tired.  I know it’s going to take time.  I have been very concientious the last week or so getting ready to make sure I do everything I can to get 8 hours of sleep which is a LOT for me.  I’m used to only about 5 per night, but if I’m going to do this, I know I have to cut some things out so I can get to bed earlier.  Nothing important.  Mostly just tube time.

Yesterday was a whirlwind as after work, I went straight to workout, home to cook dinner, immediately over to the School District to participate in a phone bank calling local voters to remind them of upcoming education levys on the ballot, off to the end of the Boy Scout meeting, and then finally home.  I dropped.  Got 7 hours of sleep and I’m yawning this morning.

Anyways.  I have my plan for food and aerobic exercise today and nothing will stop me from completing them the best that I can.  I won’t beat myself up when things don’t go perfectly and I’ll get ready for tomorrow before I go to bed tonight.

A few nice things I can take away from yesterday: I didn’t feel hungry once.  I probably ate the same as I do on any other day, only everything I ate for nutrition and it wasn’t bad at all.  (In fact, the BBQ chicken, baked potato and salad I had for dinner was pretty damn good.)  I’m a little sore today in my upper body, but not dreadful, but I know sometimes it’s the day-after-the-day-after so we’ll see.  And I liked that my son was very curious about the details of the program and on our way home from Scouts we talked about things he can start doing and ways he can manage the eating part as a high-school student.

We’re off and running.  This is going to be a journey and best taken one day at a time.  I hope to start feeling better soon.  I sure feel better after writing this down.


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