Day 13 – Blarney Castle

27 Jun

Well we loved our accommodation so much at the Hostel Cork City we decided to stay another night. Which is nice, because Michelle and I didn’t feel so hot when we woke up and Jenny was stone cold hung over. Rookie. After our fabulous night in Cork, we didn’t get to bed until late and had to get up early … let me rephrase that, I had to get up early to go put a parking disc on the car. That bought us a couple extra hours of sleep.

Met the man, and paid for another night as well so we were all set. Finally, we set out for Blarney Castle, which is nearby, and the reason we stopped in Cork in the first place.

Cork is a really cool city. They laughed at us in Dingle and asked us why we’d want to go there. I think everyone here is particularly proud of their own little niche in this great island. Makes sense. I’m damn proud of Lynnwood, WA, but only because that’s my home. I know most people think it sucks, but I truly love it there.

The castle grounds and things to see was much larger than we anticipated so we wound up there about 3 hours. We had lunch in the small town of Blarney and forced Jenny to eat so she rebounded a bit. After that we entered the castle grounds and it’s everything you would expect from a world class castle ruin. It’s fantastic. We took the 100 step climb to the top and all of kissed the Blarney stone.

Me at Blarney Castle

Me at Blarney Castle

They lean you over on your back with your head off the edge and you plant one on a big old rock. Where hundreds have just kissed before you. I don’t know if it’s going to win any hygiene awards, but at the bottom we all remarked how fun and quirky it was. Supposedly, it will grant us all “the gift of gab”, but I really am not sure any of us need it. Especially after a few pints of Guiness.



Jenny plants a big old fatty on the rock.

Jenny plants a big old fatty on the rock.

I gave it a quick little peck.

I gave it a quick little peck.

Michelle was licking it which I don't think you're supposed to do.  It took two men to pull her off it.  I don't think she's gotten laid in a while.

Michelle was licking it which I don’t think you’re supposed to do. It took two men to pull her off it. I don’t think she’s gotten laid in a while.

Did I mention I love Guiness now? Who knew? I drink it every day. My favorite sip is the first sip which I call “the mustache sip”. That’s the one where the lovely foamy, creamy head gets caught in your stache and you have to kind of lick it, suck it, wipe it out. It’s a really good sip.

The mustache sip.

The mustache sip.

Sadly after the castle, none of us were in the mood to party. Even Michelle, the biggest partier amongst us, with me a close second, agreed, that we could use a night off. We’ve been out every single night since we left so a night in sounded nice to all.

Michelle and I sat out on the patio at our hostel just hanging out researching what to do the next day, where to stay, and all that fun stuff while Jenny took a well needed nap. I convinced these “menu divas” to actually try some take out food after eating all our meals in restaurants, cafes, or pubs. I was scared if we went out we’d start drinking and wanted to get an early start. These chicks usually will look at a menu for an hour or so and by the time they’re ready to order, the fucking kitchen is closed. Happened more than once this trip.

Anyways, I’m happy to say I was successful. We got some pizzas, watched some Irish TV for a bit, and I think we all hit the hay before 9:30pm. I mean 21:30.

See you tomorrow. Love,



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