Day 5 & 6 – Dublin

18 Jun

With Download over, it was now time to get on with the rest of my holiday.  Or start my holiday depending on how you look at it.  Anyways, had a nice train ride back out to the west coast of Britain and caught the ferry out of Holyhead in Wales.

Goodbye England.  Youre always so good to me.  I love you so much.  I'll be back!

Goodbye England. Youre always so good to me. I love you so much. I’ll be back!

The ferry back over was “the big boat” and a much smoother ride.  This ferry was gigantic and very, very nice inside.  Probably a couple times the size of a WA state ferry but much nicer.  Several restaurants and bars and even a movie theater showing Iron Man 3.  Pretty sweet.

Got into Dublin and met up with Michelle at the hotel and needed a moment to decompress as I’d been travelling all day.  It’s pretty warm here for Ireland and lugging around 40 lbs. of shit, you can get hot pretty quick.  Ugh, and the traffic!  Horrendous.  It didn’t help that Michelle Obama is in town screwing up everyone’s travel routes.

Once I got settled and rested a bit we headed out for a pint to catch up.  Earlier in the day, Michelle had been walking around and stopped in a pub for a pint and met a couple of American gentlemen.  She had mentioned she was waiting for her friend to arrive from the Download festival and the gentlemen had told her they had just been there as well.  So they start talking and not only were they just there, they were playing there!  It was a couple guitarists from the band Gaslight Anthem.  The played the mainstage at Download so they’re a pretty well known band to make it there.  Anyways, Michelle got us on the guest list for their show at the Olympia Theater!  It’s kind of folky rock & roll and not really my cup of tea, but hey, it’s free and it’s something to do.  (At Download, I skipped Gaslight Anthem to instead see Airborne, but they don’t need to know that.)  So, it must’ve been fate telling me I made the wrong choice.  (I didn’t.  Airborne rocks.)  So we get to the show and they stick us in a box seat directly above and next to the stage.  Any better seats and we’d be ON the stage.  The theater was old and very beautiful.  The acoustics were perfect.  And they put on a great show.  Still not my cup of tea, but a great time none-the-less.  Enjoyed their set and proceeded to get well on our way to a full out drunken blitz.

Rockin to Gaslight Anthem

Rockin to Gaslight Anthem

Bringing pints back to Michelle in her tower.

Bringing pints back to Michelle in her tower.

After the show we bar hopped our way home and wound up at Temple Bar, an actual bar in the Temple Bar district.  The place was hopping for a Monday night and we proceeded to close it down with our new buds Raymond and Guido from the Netherlands.  Had a wonderful night and then stumbled back to our abode.

Woke this morning feeling pretty shitty, but was very excited to meet Jenny.  I let Michelle sleep and left quietly to go meet Jenny at the rendezvous point.  She got off the bus and looked great to me from flying all night.  I was thrilled to see her and we got her right back down the street to the hotel and she was ready to go!  What a trooper.  Found a spot for lunch and then made our way to the central area of the city and went on a long walking tour all over seeing all the spots.  I think I enjoyed the tour more than the girls, but we all had fun.  Our guide was born and raised in Dublin.  Very informative and did a great job educating all us tourists who were from every corner of the earth.  There were probably about thirty of us.  There was a lot of Irish history which is exactly what I was hoping for.  This country was built by rebels and outlaws and exactly the kind of stories that I love.  I had done a lot of study before we arrived so I was quite impressed with myself for knowing a lot of the country history before getting here, but this helped to actually hear it from a real Irishman and see some of the famous sites.  It was very good, and if you’re ever in Dublin I highly recommend them.

Jenny & Michelle on O'Connell street.

Jenny & Michelle on O’Connell street.

By the end of the tour it was getting on early evening and Jenny was starting to feel a little fatique.  And with Michelle and my marathon night drinking the night before, we were not ready to do it again.  We pub hopped again on the way home and stopped in one for dinner.  Talked to the locals and rocked out on the jukebox reliving my Download days playing song-after-song on the rockin jukebox.

The skinniest building in Dublin

The skinniest building in Dublin

Finally made it back home at about 8pm tonight and we’re all slowly turning in.  I’m typing this as Jenny and Michelle talk about God-knows-what-chick shit.  Heading downstairs now to grab a wifi signal and upload this then I’m hitting the hay.

Jenny on the River Liffey.

Jenny on the River Liffey.

Tomorrow’s a new day.

Love & kisses,



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