Day 4 – Download (Final Day)

16 Jun

Took a much more leisurely pace today my friends.

All the bands I really came to see had already played so I bopped around here-and-there.  I won’t bore you with the details, but two bands that really stood out and blew me away were Stone Sour and Limp Bizkit.  Corey Taylor is one of the most amazing metal singers around and definitely in top form at this point in his career as the front man of arguably the biggest band in metal today, Slipknot, and then his other band, Stone Sour.  Having been blown-away/mesmerized/frightened, by Slipknot on Friday, I was excited to see SS.  I know a handful of their songs.  Lemme tell ya, I will be picking up those records as soon as I’m home!  WOW.  What a front man and such a great singer.  Really incredible show.

But the band that floored me was Limp Bizkit.  When they took the stage and went into their first song, Rollin, the entire place completely “lost their shit”.  That is the only possible way to describe it.  Everybody was up and jumpin and fist pumpin and waving their arms.  It was beautiful mayhem.  That is the biggest crowd reaction I have ever saw there.  And it didn’t let up.  It carried through almost the entire greatest hits set.  Every person, close, far, left, right, young, old was into it head-bobbin and weavin.  Gawd damn was that a great fucking show!  If you could be here and feel the energy this crowd emits it is like nothing else I can think of.  Pure, raw, power and energy.  Has to be felt to be believed and I absolutely love it!  I feel really lucky to get to be here.  \m/

While Download has now come to a close, and I had an excellent time, I’m very relieved it’s over!  As I mentioned, it’s tough for a out-of-shape middle-aged man!  I need a vacation!

Fortunately, that’s what I have coming up.  Looking forward to a relaxing day of travel tomorrow as I work my way back to Dublin.  I have some train rides through the lovely countryside that I really enjoy and hopefully a less rocky voyage across the Irish Sea.  Looking forward to pints when I meet up with my mate, Michelle, and catching up on our travels.  Then my lovely wife, Jenny, will arrive to meet us Tuesday morning.

We’ll see where the wind takes us…

So long my friends.  See you soon.



So long Download.  You kicked my ass and I love you for it.  See you next time.  xoxo

So long Download. You kicked my ass and I love you for it. See you next time. xoxo


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