Day 2 – Download Festival

14 Jun

I was so tired when I got in last night, I really didn’t know which way was up.

Woke up at 2pm and just about shit a brick!  PANIC!  Until I realized it’s not dark at 2pm.  Don’t you love that feeling when you don’t have to get up!  It was 2 AM.  Didn’t sleep so hot, but hope to remedy that t’nite.  It was awesome, back to bed.  Anyways, didn’t set an alarm or nothing.  Popped up right about 9am, no jet lag, not a thing.  Mosey’d up to Argos which I had researched before I came as the closest store that carries camping gear so I could pick up a disposable old fart chair.  I learned last year, there’s no way I can stand for 13 hours a day.  And I’m a bit too dainty to be sittin’ in the mud.

The only reason I bring this up is Argos was kind of cool.  On the internet, it’s pretty much Fred Meyer without the groceries.  So, of course, they’ll have camping chairs.  But, the place is like 1500 square feet (that’s 400 square metres therabouts if yer in tha UK), and the camping section is a tent and two sleeping bags.  It’s a little too small to carry so much stuff!  If you look at there website, it’s crazy.  They’re like Fred Meyer.  They have everything!  So I asked the bird at Jewelry (right next to Camping) if they have a fold-a-way camping chair.  She pulls out a catalog, flips here, flips there, finds a code, boop-beep-beep, into the old computer, and tells me it’ll be 6 quid and I should wait at redemption station A.  Hmmm…. So then I finally notice, there’s a few products of a bit-of-this-a-bit-of-that in the store and then these touch screen stations everywhere with these magic catalogs.  So apparently, you punch in what you want, and pay for it, then it comes out at one of the redemption stations!  How fuckin cool is that!?!  If we could only get wives that way!  (I love you honey!  xoxo)

Anyways, it’s uh….11 am or so, and I’m a hop-skip-and-a-jump from the station.  1-2-6, I’m on the bus and on me way.  The gentlemen in front of me pulls out a hand-written piece of parchment (because they don’t have cellular phones in the UK) with notes on which bands he and his mate are on their way to see.  Well I’ll be a turnip-dipped-in-shit if their list wasn’t near identical to mine!  Dave and Rob became too fast friends.

I'm back fuckers!!

I’m back fuckers!!

Today I saw Monster Truck (don’t know, don’t care), Uriah Heep (yup, your dad’s Uriah Heep), Dir En Grey (Japanese Death Metal…still not for me), Papa Roach (blew it fuckin out!), The Sword (why they played the 3rd stage, and not the first is beyond me!), Europe (still kind of a joke here, but apparently everybody loves “The Final Countdown”), Volbeat (Holy fuck!  They rule!!), 3 Doors Down (Excellent!), the tail end of Korn (where they played my favorite songs!), Bullet For My Valentine (very nice) and Slipknot (Uhhhh…I’ll never be the same.  Hard and incredible!!)

Missing my mate Deano.  He'd really love this if his wife would let him come with me someday.   (No guilt trip intended)

Missing my mate Deano. He’d really love this if his wife would let him come with me someday. (No guilt trip intended)

I met a couple other lads, who swear they’re descents of “The Trooper”, from the Battle of…some one knows what the fuck, and I’m too tired to remember.  Anyways, they were nice lads, and we talked for damn near an hour, but I’ll be buggered if I can remember any of it now.  I think I was supposed to Google it, but don’t tell them!

This one is for me mate BY.  YUP!  It was fucking awesome!  We won't miss em again when they come to Seattle love!  I mean LAD!!  \m/

This one is for me mate BY. YUP! It was fucking awesome! We won’t miss em again when they come to Seattle love! I mean LAD!! \m/

I’m fuckin wiped and I could literally write 10 pages of all the awesome shit and shenanigans that went down, but it’s gettin’ on in the hours and I have to (yes, they’re making me) do it again tomorrow!  Love you all!  Writing more soon!

Brentallica \m/


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