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Those Who Say “Crime Don’t Pay” Officially Full of Shit

10 May

Hackers steal $45 million from world’s ATMs in hours

Seven people were arrested in the U.S., accused of operating the New York cell of what prosecutors said was a network that carried out thefts at ATMs in 27 countries from Canada to Russia.


Improved Headlings – 5/10/2013

10 May

“Print” the World’s Gayest Looking Gun

3-D print gun hits 100,000 downloads

Improved Headlines – May 9th 2013

9 May

FINALLY!  Somebody Has Actually Heard Of Our Band!

Singer of metal band As I Lay Dying accused of California murder-for-hire plot

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department says 32-year-old Tim Lambesis was arrested Tuesday in Oceanside.

Marge Simpson Tells FoxNews “Go Fuck Yourselves!”

Improved Headlines – May 8, 2013

8 May

19 of 20 EPL Teams Agree: Thank F@#$ing God!

Alex Ferguson retires as Manchester United manager

English soccer’s most successful manager — Manchester United’s Alex Ferguson — is retiring at the end of the season, the club announced Wednesday.

David Moyes Seen Stocking Up on Size 23 Shoes

Ferguson retirement: Failing health has forced his hand but will David Moyes, Jurgen Klopp or Jose M

With the hip op, the imminent departure of David Gill and Ferguson’s brother Martin, all the elements were there for the perfect exit strategy for the Old Trafford boss

McDonald’s Assistant Fry Cook:  Maybe She Just Wasn’t Really Into Being a Sex Slave Anymore?

Improved Headlines – May 7, 2013

7 May

British Tourists Can Be Really Fucking Dumb Sometimes

British tourists charged over $82 for 4 ice  creams

Roger  Bannister, his brother Steven and their wives Wendy and Joyce were astounded to  be charged 16 euros (£13.50) each on Sunday  …

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Flying Cars: Still Not Even Close to Being Real

Terrafugia unveils next-generation flying  car

This  time, it’s for real. Sort of.

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Charles Ramsey is America’s Newest Star! (and something about girls being saved after 10 years in captivity, yadda, yadda, yadda….)

Neighbor Charles Ramsey speaks to media near the home on the 2200 block of Seymour Avenue, where three missing women were rescued

Charles  Ramsey describes dramatic moment he helped rescue Amanda Berry – video

Ramsey was eating a McDoanld’s when he heard a woman screaming from his  neighbour’s house in Cleveland, Ohio, and went to investigate

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