James Bond – From Russia With Love

6 Jul

Release Date: 1963

The Bond: Sean Connery

Title sequence: Much more stylish and Bond-like than Dr. No.  We have women belly dancing and a cool effect that distorts the words when a body part moves in front of them.  Pretty good for 1963.  Grade: A

Getting laid: Gets first tail about the 20 minute mark in his car.  With the same chick he nailed at the beginning of Dr. No.  Girlfriend?  Also, not positive, but it’s heavily insinuated that he nails two gypsy women.  I have to give him the benefit of the doubt and count those as a menage-a-trios for extra credit!  Nails our heroine too obviously for a total of four Bonadlicious babes!  Grade: A (just for a 3-way with gypsys)

Story:  Excellent story line in this one.  SPECTRE comes up with a plan to pit the Russians against the English unknowingly in their near brilliant plan to acquire the Russian top secret decoder machine and then sell it back to the Russians along with enacting revenge on Bond for the killing of Dr. No by not only assassinating him, but disgracing him in the process.  Grade: A

Bad Guy:  They never come out and say it, but it’s Bond’s nemesis Blofeld, a.k.a. SPECTRE #1.  Also featured are #3, Rosa Klebb, defected Russian colonel, and #5, Kronsteen, chess master and high-ranking SPECTRE asshole.  This is the  guy who came up with the “foolproof” plan.  Whoops….  Grade: B

Lair:  SPECTRE Island.  A secret compound used to train SPECTRE agents in the arts of terrorism, extortion, torture and assassination to name a few.  Mayhem at it’s finest!  Grade: A-

Henchmen:  Red Grant, ace SPECTRE assassin who surprisingly has to cover Bond’s back through the movie protecting him, unbeknownst to Bond, to make sure SPECTRE’s plan goes “according to plan.”  Nice fight on the Orient Express. Grade: A-

Main Babe: Tatiana Romanova.  WOW.  She would be a stunner by today’s standards.  Grade: A

Cool Spy Shit: Serve a drink in a glass with a secret message printed on the paper coaster.  Cool!  1963 car phone??  Nice!  Q makes his first appearance with a standard issue Double-0 briefcase which conceals a cache of spare ammo, throwing knife, fold-able sniper  rifle, and a tear gas booby trap!  Brilliant!  Tape recorder disguised as a camera.  And the ole spring loaded spike in the boot, laced with fast acting poison, of course!  Grade: B

Synopsis:  This movie kicked ass.  Great story, villains, action, location and babes.  Grade: A

Fun Fact: Upon its first release, From Russia with Love doubled Dr. No‘s gross by earning $12.5 million (that’s about $95 mil by today’s standards).  Can you smell the franchise?  Bond in it’s infancy.

Next Up:  Goldfinger


2 Responses to “James Bond – From Russia With Love”

  1. David Lokosh July 6, 2012 at 10:51 am #

    My favorite Bond movie. Robert Shaw as Red Grant was cold blooded. Daniela Bianchi is a hottie and Pedro Armendariz as Kerim Bay was superb. Sadly, it was Pedro’s last film as he had inoperable cancer, suffered terribly during the filming and took his own life after it was done. Coincidentally, his son carried on the Bond tradition by appearing in Licence To Kill as President Hector Lopez.

    • Brentallica July 6, 2012 at 1:43 pm #

      Dude! You’re an encyclopedia! Awesome! I love Bond too. Going to enjoy going back through the collection. Goldfinger this weekend I hope!

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