James Bond – Dr. No

3 Jul

Ahhh….summer is here.  My children are off to camps and long visits to grandparents houses.  No Scout meetings, PTA meetings, homework helping, Girl Scout cookie selling, fundraising, getting kids to and from football, soccer, gymnastics, choir, etc., etc.

This is my summer vacation (even though I still have to go to work) and I need a good project.  What better than a James Bond film festival in honor of 50 spyrific years of Bond being marked here in 2012.

And what better way to start than the 1962 original, Dr. No.

Release Date: 1962

The Bond: Sean Connery

Title sequence: Not too clever.  Simple.  Silhouetted Jamaican dancers gyrate to Jamaican beats.  Quite lame by later Bond standards.  Grade: F

First gets laid: Takes him until about the 17 minute mark to bed the first babe.  Not too bad, but could do better.  Chick is pretty hot.  Winds up scoring with three chicks in the flick.  Grade: B+

Story:  Nice and quick.  Moves steadily scene to scene with no needless mucking about.  Bond finds Dr. No screwing with American rockets using a super radio beam to interrupt transmissions and crash them.  What a dick!  Grade: A

Bad Guy: Dr. No.  A pencil neck geek who’s the treasurer for SPECTRE.  He’s got a sour grapes complex.  Brilliant scientist, but the neither the West nor the East wanted his talents.  Like a little baby, he’s going to get them back, and make them pay starting with the West.  What a little bitch.  Only cool thing is his super strong metal hands.  Grade: C

Lair:  Dr. No’s bauxite mine is just a cover for his super rad domain.  Built into a mountain side and deep underground.  Complete with decontamination chamber (from all the radiation on the island due to its own nuclear reactor power source), submarine type hatches that are a pretty copper color and open right into the mountain caverns.  Beautifully decorated with lovely, accommodating maids.  Great guest chambers and prison cells too!  Nice aquarium.  You could throw a kick ass party in this place!  Grade: A

Henchmen:  Sadly none.  Grade: F

Main Babe: Honey Ryder.  Whoa mama….mega hot.  Like a young Pam Anderson before she turned 25 and got old.  Grade: A

Cool Spy Shit: M takes his Beretta and replaces it with the Walther PPK.   Cyanide suicide capsule in filter of cigarette.  Powder on briefcase locks and placing a single hair over closet door crack to determine if anyone’s been in his room during his absence.  Geiger counter which is cool in 1962, now hardly a second notice seeing one on Ebay.  The “dragon”, otherwise known as a tank equipped with headlights and a flame thrower that the locals mistake for a mythical beast.  Bond sets these dumb yokels straight.  Grade: C+

Synopsis:  It’s a sweet flick and the nostalgia factor runs high.  It’s got it all minus a henchmen and an exciting boss battle.  Dr. No’s metal hands become his demise.  He’s pretty much a complete pussy.  Overall Grade:  B-

Fun Fact: When I was a little kid, dialing up bulletin boards and trading pirated games with a 300 baud modem on my Apple II computer in 1981, my handle was “Dr. No”.  I love James Bond.

Next Up: From Russia with Love


4 Responses to “James Bond – Dr. No”

  1. Anonymous July 5, 2012 at 6:00 am #

    Big Jimmy Bond fan!! Keep em comming. CT

  2. Brentallica July 5, 2012 at 7:13 am #

    Thanks man. Hope to get From Russia w/Love watched in the next few days. I got all summer. Leisurely….see ya soon bud.

  3. David Lokosh July 6, 2012 at 10:41 am #

    I am a huge Bond fan. Great review. Under henchmen, I would include Professor Dent. Other categories you might want to add are body count, sacrificial lamb (nearly every Bond movie has a character close to 007 who gets killed), locations and title song. Keep up the good work Diaz!

    • Brentallica July 6, 2012 at 1:42 pm #

      Thanks Dave. I like the sacrificial lamb. I don’t have the patience to keep track of body count! Professor Dent was a f’up pussy. No need to mention that twerp.

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