Reykjavik – Day 14 & 15

15 Jun

Today was a bit of a travel day. We packed up and sadly said goodbye to a wonderful time in Scotland. Michelle did not want to go, as she hadn’t yet found her Scot, but we had to press on. Todd successfully completed at least a thousand miles of driving through Great Britain without putting a scratch on our Ford minivan. He was fantastic.

Dropped the car off at the Glasgow airport and caught a flight to Reykjavik where we’ll be staying a couple of nights. This country is quite beautiful. It’s about a 40 minute ride from the airport into Reykjavik. The land is barren volcanic rock, which kind of looks like the surface of the moon I imagine, but once you get into the largest city in the country which holds the vast majority of the entire population, it’s a bustling little metropolis. American tourists are everywhere. And we’ve seen too many being complete pricks. Disappointing. Not us at all. Most people do speak English or some English, but there are no signs that I can read. Everything is in Icelandic, although they do have English menus so I can find the hamborgari og frönskum.

Stopping at duty free, we were able to stock up on alcohol and tobacco as we all have our vices. We decided on a little impromptu room party when we arrived and figured out a course of action. We have booked the Golden Circle tour for tomorrow which will take us deep into the land of fire & ice! The hot volcanoes out in the freezing, icy tundra. We’re all looking forward to that.

Once Michelle and Todd were good and buzzed we had a taxi driver take us to the city center where we got something to eat and begin a bit of a spontaneous pub crawl. One of the main streets is bar after bar. In the back of each bar is an outdoor area where they all join together and people of all ages, locals and tourists alike, were drinking and talking and having a general good time. We patronized a few of the joints and enjoyed people watching. Moving further uptown, and I have no clue where we went, we found some more pubs and after a couple more beers and seeing the clock going on about 10pm, I was ready to call it quits. I was feeling very full and very tired from all the heavy beers I’ve discovered. It’s fully daylight at 10pm like it would be at noon back home being that we’re at such a far north latitude. It’s 24 hours of daylight in these parts. The sun does actually set about 11:30pm, but it doesn’t get dark at all. Mr. Sun makes his appearance on the horizon again at about 3am, which is precisely the time we got home.  🙂

Michelle was fading, as I was, but Todd was just getting going and convinced us to have just one more pint. About eight pints later and finding it was 1am, we were all drunk, meeting and partying with the Icelanders left and right. Did I say pint, they’re even bigger here than the imperial pints we’ve fallen in love with throughout Great Britain. Everything in Iceland is ½ liter.

We had found our way off the beaten path and were with the locals once again. Which is just how we like it. The people are warm and very friendly. We made a lot of new friends tonight. The women here are absolutely gorgeous with their piercing blue eyes and either white blond or dark hair. 10% at least are supermodel caliber and the next 50% or so ain’t bad either. Todd is in heaven. We joke with Michelle that she was a Liverpool “9”, but sadly has dropped to a Reykjavik “3”. Of course, I’m happily married to the love of my life for almost 16 years and now, and more than ever, I can’t wait to get home to her loving arms.

Once we returned to our humble accommodations, we had to continue the night with a pint of rum Todd had picked up so we partied until the sun came up, literally, and then crashed hard.

Racing out the door at 12:30pm on Friday, our driver picked us up and brought us to our tour center where we drove along the entire south of Iceland stopping at many of the sights. I can’t pronounce any of them, let alone spell them, but the countryside is absolutely pure and virgin. So clean and untouched. It’s a great relaxing day just watching the countryside go by and listening to our Icelandic guide butcher the English language. I honestly am enjoying his commentary and stories even when he can’t see to find the right words.

We’re all having a very nice day and should get back into Reykjavik about 7pm tonight. It’s 4:15pm now as I type this out on the open road.

Apparently the party in town on Friday & Saturday nights is legendary in these parts so we can’t wait to see it for ourselves tonight. We should be all rested up and ready to go! Tell you about it tomorrow when we pack up and head back to Seattle!

Hi! We’re in Iceland!

People here are very friendly!

Nordic ladies LOVE Big Todd!

Out back at the Celtic Cross in Reykjavik getting pissed. This photo was taken about 12:30am without a flash.

Me, Mich, the future Mrs. McDougall, and Todd.

Not Niagra Falls, but pretty damn good none the less.

Todd is an eruptive force on the Icelandic scene.






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  1. I'd Rather Be In Iceland June 16, 2012 at 2:48 am #

    Not Niagara Falls, but no admission fee either! Who says Icleand is expensive? 🙂

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