Last Day – A retrospective

15 Jun

I think I had my best day today.  And every day has been absolute heaven.  Again, some days have been higher than others, but every day has been a complete high.

I’ve learned so much.  Respected so much.  And seen things I’ve never seen or imagined.  I can not wait to do this again.

I ended my trip with amazing conversation amongst myself, Todd & Mich, 2 Fins, a Norwegian, an Aussie, and a New Zealander.  Three hours of wonderful international gab  shared over our favorite beverages at our hostel.  All kids, and much younger than any of us.  Some traveling the world and some on holiday, like us.  I admire them so much.

To learn of their experiences, tribulations, triumphs, and “inconveniences”  was awe-inspiring.  Shit you would never learn staying at the Hilton.  I could not applaud them anymore for doing it while they’re young.  As they all were.  I feel I had educated them on their fears and curiousness about America as we are all very, very much the same in this very small world.  Take away religion and politics and we all seem to want the exact same things out of life.

An amazing and enlightening experience.  I feel a little sad that I waited so long to experience this.  However, I am very proud how I represented myself and my fine country.  I am a prouder American coming home, but a more humble one as well.

Our crew, including Todd & Mich are off for the night to experience the legendary Reykjavik weekend party scene.  I’d still like to visit the Viking museum in the morning and not feel like hell-hung-over of our long seven hour flight home so I’ve elected to stay in, drink the rest of our liquor, and reflect on this most awesome journey.

As I’ve stated, it was a real treat, blessing, and pleasure, however, I am so looking forward to getting home to my immeasurable blessings in my own kingdom. I truly am the luckiest and most fortunate man alive.

First and foremost, my amazing wife, Jenny.  Without her, none of this would be possible and she’ll never know how much I appreciate my Queen turning the other cheek and holding down our Kingdom while I did this.  She is the love of my life and I can’t wait to thank her and squeeze her.  I have always been the richest man in the world thanks to her unconditional love.  I want to thank my children for putting up without their overbearing father who likes to remind them that every decision they make can alter their entire future.  I hope you enjoyed the break, because I’ll be home tomorrow to ask what you’ve learned since I’ve been gone.  I’d like to thank my friends Todd & Michelle.  You could not ask for greater, more gracious, travel mates and close friends.  I love you both very much and thank you for your camaraderie through our adventure.  It’s been amazing and is only the beginning of the things we’ve seen and will see together.  You are family.

That’s about it.  It’s been phenomenal, and I can’t wait to do it again and share with the other people in my life who I love so much.

Thanks Europe.  You’ve been spectacular!  See you soon!  Cheers!


3 Responses to “Last Day – A retrospective”

  1. Sue Hempel June 15, 2012 at 5:54 pm #

    OMG Brent. I have tears rolling down my face. Ask Mich the last time she saw me cry…it’s not something I do very often. You are a wonderful writer and I am so pleased that you got to experience this journey.

    • Brentallica June 15, 2012 at 6:53 pm #

      Much love…xoxoxo. It was fantastic. Thanks for raising such a wonderful daughter. She is a true sister. I am overjoyed to be the brother she never had. xoxo

  2. Kellie June 16, 2012 at 3:22 pm #

    Love that you had such a great, memorable trip. What I love even more is how much you miss , love and respect your wife and family. Such a great guy! Xoxo

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