The Real England – Day 6

6 Jun

Awoke late, on purpose, as we had a bit of a late night in the pub.

Quick showering by everyone and we were off for lunch in the Boot Room at the world famous Anfield, home of the Liverpool FC Reds.  Having fallen in love with the Liverpool FC and the English Premier League over the last 4 seasons, I’ve come to respect this hallowed ground and it was an honor to visit it.  My mates, while not the fans that I am, were equally impressed with the triumphs, failures, and tribulations that have occurred here over 100 plus years.  Including learning about the 1989 Hillsborough disaster.  So sad.

We met a bloke named Ian who was recruited by Liverpool FC as a lad and eventually wound up with the NY Cosmos in the mid-80s who teared up as he told us about the carnage unfolding in front of him as he was at that fateful match.

We are very thankful and happy we’ve been avoiding the touristy areas and traveling through the areas the “tourists” don’t usually visit.

We’re staying, and playing, in a real working-class Liverpool neighborhood known as Wavertree.  Every single person we’ve come across has been extremely surprised to see an American in their community and we are treated like rock stars and family every time we open a door.  It’s been an amazing experience and very sobering too.  While we appear to travel so meagerly, we’re all of much better means than the vast majority of these folks.  I am amazed by their sense of family and community.  Something that does not exist in the United States that I’m from.  It’s been a wonderful experience.

After taking the city bus from Anfield back to the City Centre, we made our way, on foot, down to Albert Dock, which is the new Mecca of the city.  It’s the improved area that attracts all the tourists with lots of shops, restaurants, and novelty attractions.  We spent about 30 minutes there, including a quick souvenir stop at the Beatles Fab 4 shop and we were happy to have a look about and then get the fuck out of there.  This was not for us.

We had a pint here and there as we made our way back up town.  Todd was fading after a long night in the pub and was a real trooper getting through the day.  Once back in our comfy abode, we decided to find a laundry as we were all in due of a change of undergarments.  🙂

Up the street, not too far, was a Liver Laundrette which corners the market on self-service-laundries here in England, but the highlight of the day was the pub and people we met across the street at the shithole pub, Prince Alfred.  We tended to our laundry as the small clientele eyed us suspiciously when we walked in.  When we walked out 4 hours later, we had clean clothes and about a dozen new friends.

Truly amazing.  We’re honorary Scousers…. (Look it up.)

Well, it’s been another 10 out of 10 day minus the rain storm we had to tromp though and we’re off tomorrow for a car rental, and a trip to Old Trafford (home of Manchester United FC), and then wherever the wind takes us.  I am enamored with the way every sentence in this city ends with “love” or “lad” depending on the gender being spoken too.  Along with a hearfelt “God bless” at most partings.

I’m running a day behind on the pictures.  Have a lovely night love… God bless.

Our humble Liverpool abode.

La Todd and I, just steps away from Ringo’s boyhood home.

Sentimental Journey

Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes…

Strawberry Fields forever….

At John’s boyhood home… Mendips.

Ahhh….look at all the lonely people. The grave of Elenor Rigby.

Us with our mate Dave at The Welly.


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