Real England – Day 5

5 Jun

Well now.  Times have changed, love.

We awoke this morning to a quick checkout and walk to the station where we tried our hand at navigating the rail system.  I am happy to report that we made it safely and soundly into Liverpool thanks to Michelle’s crack navigation on finding us “Plat Eleven” in Crewe where we quickly changed trains and made our way into the home of the Beatles: Liverpool, UK.  I also enjoyed my first fast food of the trip which will come as a huge surprise to most of you, dining on a Breakfast Butty from Burger King at the Euston train station.

The ride up with simply lovely.  Mostly country side, we all found it incredibly difficult to stay awake riding the smooth rails up north.  Like a baby being rocked in utero.  Zzzzzzz……

A quick cab to our hotel and we all fancied a pint and a chance to decide what on earth we should do today.  Liverpool was one of my picks as a stop on our tour due to my love of the Beatles.  The Liverpool route was near the top of my agenda and my wonderful mates were more than willing to learn a little more.

We got the #1 tour on, the Fab Four Taxi Tour which took us on a 3 hour tour in a private taxi to all the lad’s early childhood homes, Strawberry Fields, Elenor Rigby’s grave site, Penny Lane, and so many more places.  It was literally a walking-in-the-footsteps tour, as we frequently stopped, got out, and stood on so many hallowed grounds where the Fab Four grew up.  Our guide, Ian, was nothing short of a walking Beatles encyclopedia and really made the journey memorable.  We took a TON of pictures which I will try to share soon.  Due to minor technical difficulties (Michelle is still at the pub with the camera) I am unable to post them now.  Also, don’t worry Sue & Gary, she’s perfectly safe and doing a wonderful job taking care of Todd and I.

After our tour, we decided to go bar hopping down Mathews Street which was the home to the world famous Cavern club where the boys cut their teeth.  The Cavern club is long gone, but has been replicated a few short doors away.  Hiking down into the Cavern it was easy to get a sense of what it was probably like, but not being the real thing and not wanting to get stuck in some overpriced, tourist trap, we quickly looked around, enjoyed the Beatles tribute band and quickly made our exit.

We were much more enamored with pubs like the White Star and The Grape which were nearby the cavern where the Fab Four would drink and meet girls after their 274 Cavern gigs.

All-in-all it has been another fantastic day.  I have to say the people of Liverpool are a hospitable and friendly bunch.  Much different than the people in London who seemed hesitant to even make eye contact.  It is just one significant difference I have noticed.  That is not to say we didn’t enjoy London.  We did!  Very much!  We were fortunate enough to have met some fine folks, and had a fantastic time exploring!  However, here feels more like home.  Friendly people, lots of smiles, and when they discovered we were American, we got brought right into the fold at just about every pub we visited today which was probably about 10.

The English accents are quite a bit thicker up here and Michelle and I can’t keep joking about how we keep trying to turn the subtitles on every time we speak to someone.  I know they’re speaking English, but it is thick and a lot different than the English we speak.  It’s been a ball learning new words we didn’t even know existed!  Our ability to understand them seems to get better with the amount of beer we consume.

And we’re watching our valuables as everyone is telling us to mind the Jihbos!  Being a big Guy Ritchie fan, I knew who these folks were immediately and we had a good laugh.  This whole working class neighborhood we’re staying in is right our of a GR movie and I don’t think any of us could be happier.

Cheers love!  I’d double up on the pictures tomorrow!


One Response to “Real England – Day 5”

  1. Sarah June 6, 2012 at 2:15 am #

    Don’t worry, I struggle understanding scousers too and I live in the same country as them!

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