Britain – Day 4

5 Jun

Well our visit to London has been nothing short of amazing. Sadly, it’s drawing to a close. We’ve seen so much in just three days. We’ve put at least 20 miles on our shoes, climbed thousands of steps, and seen just about every Tube station in town. The romanticism of just “being in London” has inspired Todd and Michelle to start writing a book. The book will be about the various conditions of the public toilets they’ve used all over London. They’re going to call it either London Loos, or Win or Loos. It will be penned under the pseudonym Rick Pees. (I don’t expect it to make the NY Times Bestseller list, but don’t tell them that.)

Being privileged enough to be here for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee was purely icing on the cake as the entire city was on holiday with us or so it seemed. The crowds didn’t slow us down a bit and even though we had a few times where we had no idea where we were, we were never lost. We just didn’t know where we were going yet and have found it very easy to make it up along the way. I don’t think you could put three better travel partners together. We’ve even gotten close enough to begin farting in front of each other.

Making the most of our day, we skipped out after another fine English breakfast at our B&B and visited the Churchill War Rooms. I have to admit the only things I knew about Winston Churchill before I came to London was he was a beloved Prime Minister that led Britain through WWII who made amusing and inspiring quotes. Stepping back in time and seeing the actual location where the entire British campaign unfolded from was truly awesome. The rooms, museum and audio tour were spectacular and probably the highlight attraction for me here. I can’t wait to get home and pick up this man’s biography. What an amazing life before, during, and after the war.

Next we finally made it inside the Tower of London. It was equally awesome to bask in the history that has occurred here and to learn about it’s illustrious and bloodily notorious past centuries. I find it very easy to picture the tales unfold in front or me as I listen to the guide. I can imagine it happening right then and there and it can be pretty mind blowing. I made a point to do some remedial study of early British history before I came out and it was great to actually get to this site to get a better understanding of what it must have been like here through the ages. Quite awesome.

And, of course, after full visits to these sites, we were ready for dinner and a brew at a real English pub. We made a point to go to the pub Michelle has been eying since we noticed it on our first day; Ye Olde Cock Tavern on Fleet street. As you know, “cock” over here means something different than what we Americans know it as. Sadly, for her, it was devoid of cocks, but the ambiance and barkeeps were terrific and they took good care of us.

Back to the hotel, settle the bill, and packed up for an early morning departure to Liverpool, my mates have headed the ½ block down the street to our local watering hole while I feel compelled to jot down my memories here and share them with you. I hope to read this down the road and recapture the footloose and fancy free life we have been leading. (Plus, my feet hurt like hell and I’m just as happy knocking off early watching Britain’s Got Talent with my favorite a-hole Brit, Simon Cowell. Love him.)

Goodnight London.

The White Tower where the Kings lived.

‘Ello Mr. Beefeater!

Michelle used every trick in her book to try to lure this guard away, so me and Todd could take pictures of ourselves in the booth, but it was not to be.

Hello Seattle. We’re missing you back home. (Just kidding, we’re too busy and/or drunk.)

Picked out a grandmotherly type to take this photo. But apparently British grandmummys aren’t as sharp with the camera. This is crooked and she cut off part of the tower. Bollocks!


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