Britain – Day 1

3 Jun

It’s been a busy couple of days and I wanted to write sooner, but it’s just been a whirlwind. I’m pleased to report our trip has been flawless thus far and am just getting a chance to sit down and write about what we’ve been up too. I believe we’ve been wonderful guests thus far and hopefully are breaking down stereotypes of “ugly Americans” (even though Todd is still not that attractive).

After getting to Sea-Tac on Thursday about 1pm, we got right out to our gate and began drinking. Heavily. All excited to get on our way. That’s about the last thing I remember. Literally. The next thing I knew, I opened my eyes and we were literally 50 feet off the ground landing in Iceland. Greatest flight I’ve every had in my life. Seven hours went by like it was nothing.

We found a tour bus right out front that would run us out to the Blue Lagoon just 20 minutes or so outside Reykjavik. My mates didn’t sleep (I didn’t either. I was merely passed out.) but were excited none-the-less. The ride out, I was surprised to see a really barren wasteland. There was pretty much nothing. With the exception of volcanic rocks and rock formations that were really quite beautiful. A geologist’s paradise. The Blue Lagoon is a huge thermal hot springs bath and it was quite amazing. Cool system, cool setup. Within minutes we were in our suits and the first ones in the pool. Seeing as it was just after 9am (about closing time back home) we headed straight to the bar which is in the springs. Sadly, no blackjack table. A few Viking beers later, and we were relaxing like we were in Las Vegas. That’s really what it was like. Sittin poolside, smoking and drinking. Quite lovely. Not a cloud in the sky. The springs were very, very hot, so the 55 degree weather really wasn’t even noticeable sitting in the bright sun. Being the first ones there we didn’t quite realize how spoiled we were as the body count was in the hundreds when we departed about 2pm.

Back at the airport and on to London now. The lack of sleep and alcohol was taking affect. We were all beginning to lag a bit and the flight over wasn’t quite as lovely as the one to Iceland. I was able to doze a bit, but every time I dozed off, I’d wake right back up. Oh well. Into Heathrow and what a maze that was just getting to customs. Left, right, up, down, left, right, up, down…..Anyways, our bags were there, we found the Tube, bought our Oyster cards and trekked to Victoria station. Again, strangers in a new town, we had zero problem finding the street we needed and making our way about half a mile to our B&B. It is very English, and quite cozy. Smells wonderful. Fresh flowers just stink up the whole place something nice. We’re on the top floor, four flights up, and I think I dropped 2 lbs bringing my bag up. Room is quaint, cute, and has everything we need. We even have our own bathroom. Most of the rooms here have to share. I was lucky enough to catch a pretty young bird coming out of the shower room last night when I went down for a fag (that’s a cigarette, but I guess it’s only funny to dumb Americans like me.) I was so embarrassed and caught off guard, I immediately averted my eyes and put my hand up. She has a towel on, but even if she didn’t, I wouldn’t of seen a thing I was so taken aback. I think I’ll like London.

We all crashed. Hard. We were beat.


The Blue Lagoon


Chillin Vegas style


Me at the Tower of London


The regalia these chaps are got up in is pretty cool. Easy to get caught up in and I’m looking for a pair of Union Jack skinny jeans for meself.


Tower Bridge and an American


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