Plant a Seed … and Watch It Grow

25 May

I decided I wanted to learn to draw.  I wanted to draw anything that would resemble (loosely) what I was intending to draw.  I sucked.

But that wanting was the seed being planted.  In just 21 short lessons from a book designed for children or slow adults (like me), I am actually progressing as evidenced here!  And I sure like it when something turns out “OK”.  I don’t aim too high.

This was Day 1. I know this isn’t a tree. It’s a bush, but come on….Someone asked me why there was barbed wire in front of my house.

This was about 2-3 weeks later. A little tree off to the left of a house I drew. It is definitely a tree. There’s no doubt about it. Right?

And tonight, I drew this.  Now the top looks a little lame, but I think the trunk looks pretty cool.  A seed is planted and the tree grows!


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