Lovely Lilies

9 May

Well it’s been a few days and even though I am busy, I forced myself to sit down and tackle Lesson 14 – The Lily.  The lesson was on contour lines, and “s” curves, and my tendency to rush was prevalent as I was trying to get out the door to a PTA meeting (yes, I’m the only male member).  I understood the points Mark tried to make with the free-flowing natural lines.  Just letting your pencil glide, similar to Chevy Chase telling me to “be the ball” in Caddyshack.  It just didn’t work too well as I was too distracted.  Tomorrow will be better for sure.  Not to mention, I don’t really like drawing girly flowers.  I’d rather draw a machine gun, or an exploding stick of dynamite, or some boobs or something.  All in good time…..Patience, young grasshopper.


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