Lesson 11 – Advanced Cylinders

3 May

Except not in my case.  These look about as advanced as a calculator watch in 2012.  Anyone old enough to remember these little gems?  It’s what was considered cool and functional at the dawn of the digital age so many moons ago.

Very unhappy with the way this lesson turned out for me.  The idea was to draw cylinders and use overlapping to create a set of towers, if you will.  Of the nine drawing rules such as foreshortening, size, shadow, etc., the knowledge was that overlapping trumps them all.  Except mine didn’t turn out so hot.  Not sure why.  Tried a really sharp pencil and the faint lines weren’t picked up too well by my cheap implementation of a scanner (i.e. my cell phone).  The original isn’t much better.  I started late and probably rushed a bit as my wife was nagging me to come watch Game of Thrones (which I didn’t mind; what an awesome show!)  I might have to retake the lesson tomorrow, but I really want to go on to Chapter 12, Constructing with Cubes.  Don’t that sound fun boys & girls?!

All in all, I’ll take this modest setback.  I’ve been pretty happy with my progression and pace for not putting a lot into it.  I just want to be able to draw and have someone be able to tell what it is.  That’s about as lofty as my drawing goals get.  I’m on track….I think!


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