The Rose

1 May

After an unscheduled break, I picked up the pencil tonight.  The book I’m using is titled You Can Draw in 30 Days, however, at the rate I’m going, How to Draw Someday Down the Road would be a more fitting title.  One thing I noticed is that I didn’t feel comfortable when I first started.  It took a little warmup to feel right about holding the pencil and what not.  I am learning drawing is something that needs to be done daily, even if only for a little bit, if I want to achieve the minimal ability I’m shooting for.  I will find a way to make some time everyday.  With summer coming and most of my commitments taking the summer off, I’m looking forward to the time.

Anyway, back to it.  Tonight’s lesson was called The Rose.  It had an awful lot of practice before we actually got to draw the rose, but I think all my practice work looks ok for the most part.  Remember, I have no artistic ability or patience so this is a real stretch for me.  I first sketched out a bowl of cereal.  Then I learned about peeking lines as evidenced in the inward and outward turned flags which coupled with the depth shading do produce a 3-d effect that looks pretty cool to me.  The peeking line is a pretty small addition to produce a very big effect.  The curled flag came out pretty well too and then the culmination of the rose.

Once I get into it, I do really start letting go and zoning in on what I’m trying to create.  I like that feeling of constant refinement to get it just how I like it.  I haven’t felt 100% satisfied with anything yet, but not being utterly disappointed with the outcome is proving to be acceptable as I’m only just beginning.


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    […] say it was a good one.  Tonight’s lesson was on constructing scrolls and kind of built on the old rose lesson.  I am learning shading is tough!  But I am also learning it’s what separates great […]

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