Some Sort of Fort or Something….???

25 Apr

I don’t know what the hell this is.

I think it’s some kind of fortress or something, but it looks like you could overrun it very quickly.  I don’t think this place would keep out a ravenous pack of geriatrics looking for their 4:00pm dinner.  Mark Kistler calls it Lesson 7 – Advanced Level Cubes.  I know…I know….what’s up with the triangles?  It threw me too, but what the hell?  I went with it.  Triangles are just 1/2 squares so maybe that’s what the “advanced” part is?

Now at first, I was pretty disgusted with my drawing.  It sucks.  I took a break and mentally added another failure to my ever-increasing list of things I can’t do.  Then when I came back and looked at it, it didn’t look that bad.  I actually kind of like the first attempt.  Granted the ramps are a little off-center, but with my limited knowledge and experience, I figured it’s acceptable.

I hate the second attempt.  I did my darkening of the lines again and it just doesn’t look right.  I have to break my inclination to do that.

A lot of the frustration comes from being able to draw a perfect line, and then turn around and not be able to draw one to save my life.  I guess this is pretty normal and I’m hopeful, through repeated practice, eventually I will train my hand to flow with confidence until it becomes second nature.  I’d sure like to get there as I feel like Shakey the Clown.

It’s not the destination.  It’s the journey, right?  I just wish I was journeying to Hawaii, as it kind of feels like I’m heading to Fargo.  See you tomorrow.

Just for fun, I banged this out in GIMP which I know nothing about.  What a sweet program!  Straight, parallel lines are a breeze….  🙂


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