Stacked Tables….

23 Apr

Hey.  I knew I was busy most of tonight so I came home after work and did my practice lesson first thing.  I made sure to take my time and things came out pretty well I think.  So I drew a little number 1 on my page to note my first attempt at this lesson.  It came out well.  I’m happy with it and it does look 3-dish as it’s intended.  That was a nice surprise.  I followed the instructions carefully and also noted to use lines I’d already laid on paper as my guides when drawing new lines in an attempt to get pairs of lines parallel.  It went pretty good.

So after my first stacked tables, he then wanted me to draw a few more, but this time shooting for a time of less than 2 minutes on each drawing.  This really upped the ante as the first one took a good 10 minutes or so.  Figuring it would be ok, if they weren’t quite as crisp, I gave it my best  shot.  The reason for doing this is to train my hand to draw these common lines in the same 4 general directions; NW, SW, SE, & NE.

My first attempt only took me 3:10 which I was impressed with.  I gave it a couple more shots and noted times on the page below.  Last attempt was well under 2 minutes although I probably cheated as it’s quite small, but I’m happy it still resembles a 3-d stacked table.

Pretty cool.  Well I have one more “shape” lesson tomorrow and then I finally get to draw an actual thing.  Look for my koala bear coming soon.


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