Hollow Cubes…

22 Apr

After three long days without picking up a pencil, I went back to the drawing board (pun intended, yuk-yuk) tonight.  Just had a few super busy days and no time to sit down and devote.

Lesson five tonight was on drawing hollow cubes.  I’m not real thrilled how mine turned out.  I get the concept of keeping your lines parallel as shown in the foreshortening 3-d compass and the sample box with the directional arrows, but it’s a lot harder than it seems.  I also felt I was rushing.  Drawing these hollow boxes takes a bit more time and in an effort to “fill the page” I think I was working too fast emphasizing quantity over quality.  I also don’t like the darkened lines I made trying to bring out the box.  I used a softer, bolder pencil and that crisp line disappears with the wide strokes.  I don’t think it looks right.

Looking around the internet at others sketches, doodles, and drawings, I am discovering I prefer more of a sloppy or cartoonist exaggerated drawing over drawing objects as they would appear in real-life.  However, I realize to draw anything, the core fundamentals are the same and I am really enjoying Mark Kistler’s book along with his loose writing style and numerous examples.

My daughter was sitting with me tonight and drawing pictures next to me.  She said “Daddy, why do you keep drawing just circles and squares.  It’s boring!”  I laughed, and showed her the table of contents and how the author kind of goes over the basic building blocks of all drawings, but then I get to start drawing actual things pretty soon.  I think there was a koala or something on lesson eight which I’m getting pretty close to.  Look forward to that disaster.

Anyways, it’s not terrible.  It’s only lesson five and I am learning and enjoying it.  I will keep it up tomorrow and remember to slow down a bit and take some more time.  I give you, my hollow cubes……


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