Cube, Block, Box….Whatever.

18 Apr

I can’t believe it.  I was actually excited to draw tonight.  It’s actually pretty fun and I’m enjoying something new.  One problem I’ve immediately found however is a serious conflict with a couple of my personality traits.  Impatience and perfection do not mesh well together.  I suffer from both.

However, as they say, acceptance is the first step.  I know it.  I realize it.  I won’t let it get to me.  I realistically know I will not be Picasso on Day 4.

Tonight’s lesson was drawing the cube shape.  Pretty cool how the author used guide points to get me a nice distorted top using the foreshortening technique.  I learned a new word: foreshortening!  What is foreshortening you ask?  Lets say you look at a quarter straight on, it’s just merely a circle.  Every point on the surface  is the same distance from your eye.  However, as soon as you tilt it, you’ve added depth to it.  It now has length (the far edge is farther from your eye), width (which it had before), and depth or height (as you can now see the edge).  Funny how looking at something you’ve seen a million times can all of a sudden seem interesting when you look at it a little differently.  I wish that worked with my wife <insert rim shot>.

I think my cubes came out ok.  I am not Picasso.  I am not Picasso.  I am not Picasso.  I will take my time.  I will take my time.  I will take my time and enjoy the process.


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