I’m Not Real Happy With My Balls….

17 Apr

Well today I cracked Lesson 3.  This was called Advanced Level Spheres or something like that.  My lighting was much better.  The drawing isn’t.

My 9-year old was working diligently on her fraction homework right next to me which proved to be a bit distracting.

I already know about numerators and denominators and this is her homework, not mine.  (Subsequently, I learned I didn’t know as much about numerators and denominators as I thought I did.)  We worked through the problems together and I got a little drawing practice in on the side so today’s lesson was more of an art/math lesson.

The object is to lay out spheres (balls) to create a three-dimensional picture.  It looks so easy in the book, but laying it down on paper is another story.  I think mine pretty much sucks, but I’ll keep practicing.

Just for fun, I did another little homage to my good buddy Dean.  See if you can find it!

I call this work of art....Balls On Chin.

8:15pm Update – After my meeting I just had to give it one more shot.  For Lesson 3, and going out of a book, I’m happy with it.




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