Frustrated Balls….

16 Apr

I don’t think my overlapping spheres (balls) turned out as well as my first single spheres.  The lighting at my desk wasn’t so hot so I’m going to move tomorrow.

Anyways, I did some more practicing today where I was taught a little more about lighting and cast shadows using overlapping spheres, or as I like to say, balls.  As I’m sure most loose women know, working with multiple balls, can be a bit more perplexing and complicated than a single ball.  There are more areas to worry about shading, and if you don’t get the back ball just right, it looks kind of weird.  When this occurs, I have coined the phrase “cramped ball”.

Anyways, I gave it a worthwhile effort.  Please notice, I also drew in a little homage to my good friends, Dean and Don; The Hairy Boys!  Enjoy ridiculing my sucky balls….

Don't miss my friends Don & Dean; The Hairy Boys!


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