My Amazing Race… The Conclusion

13 Jul

With Auto Battery complete, we head towards Six Arms at 300 East Pike.  It’s all downhill from here.  Literally and figuratively.  We set off back towards downtown, and make our way down the hills with smiles on our face and just four stops to go.  All the wiser since my EAST Union F’ up, Jenny is adamant that I’m going the wrong way as we pull up to the door.  She’s old, tired, and getting cranky.  Her little beet red face is shining in the afternoon sun.  I give her a quick water break, smack on the ass, and we snap a photo.  I promise her the old “pickle tickle” tonight if she can just get her butt in gear for the final stretch.  It works!

Picking up steam now we roll on to Club Zum and The General Consulate of Korea!  Just one stop to go!!

Where is Jim Morrison when you need directions to The (next) Whisky Bar?  Again with bad mapping, I put the address in at 200 2nd Avenue down by the Seattle Center.  Jenny’s pretty sure that’s not right and low-and-behold she saves us from the aggravating trip that will almost guarantee us a last place finish had we done it.  Working a little magic with my Android, I discover it’s actually located at 2000 2nd Avenue which is just minutes from our current location on 6th.

Thank God!  The light at the end of the tunnel is here!  We reach The Whisky bar (check the picture; I spelled it right!)  It looks so comfy and inviting and calls my name, but there’s one last stop and that’s the finish line back at 88 Keys.  Knowing 2nd is a drag for buses, we jump the next one and get off a mere block away.

Me clutching the clue sheets, Jenny clutching her weakened heart, we high-tail it inside to smiles from the CitySolve team members and some inviting bottles of water!  A quick assessment and our goal has been realized!  We’re not last!  Actually, we’re not even that close as a steady stream of racers still continue to pile in the door 45 minutes after we’ve arrived.

We order some drinks and raise a toast to our new friends, and a wonderful day.  And how awesome of a husband I truly am.  This was all my idea.  🙂

See you next year!  We’re aiming high and going for Top 30!!


3 Responses to “My Amazing Race… The Conclusion”

  1. alirthome April 17, 2012 at 4:04 pm #

    That sounds like so much fun! its always nice to find out that you’re not last

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