My Amazing Race… Part 7

13 Jul

Auto Battery, 1009 Union Street, is just over a 1/2 mile away.  However, it’s pretty much straight up a hill so we begin to trudge up Seneca Street to our next destination.  Huffing and puffing, I continually wait for Jenny and her short stumpy legs to catch up.  Poor kid.  Finally, we turn the corner and anticipate Auto Battery coming into view.  Instead, we see, the side of a building.


That’s when I make the discovery that I plotted my course to Union street, not EAST Union street, where the checkpoint actually is.  A quick re-calculation yields good news and bad news.  Auto Battery is only another 1/2 mile away, but…. it’s all uphill.  Great!  Poor Jenny takes it like a trooper and we press on.  Me hard charging and leading the way.  Stumpy bringing up the rear checking out my hot ass.

At last we make it to the bar and at this point all we’d like to do is sit down and have a drink.  But, no rest for the wicked.  Fortunately this challenge is pretty easy.  Shoot a couple English shuffleboard pucks as close to the end of the table as possible.  Jenny lines up her shot that travels about twelve inches and flies off the side.  Mine goes right off the far end.  We bounce back nicely though and lay two scoring shots in with our last round.

Quick picture with the representative at the site for verification and we’re handed Clue 3.

Jenny turns into a little tomato when she's "winded".

Clue 3 is a list of ten “items” that are related to The Wizard of Oz.  I.E. Dorthy’s haircut, What did the Tin man seek, Dorthy’s furry friend, and so on. We need to find three of them.

Fortunately, and I don’t know if this is by design or not, we’re able to fulfill all of them easily using people at the bar.  Found a chick with Dorthy pigtails, a couple of guys drinking with their dogs, and a chick not from WA state (as evidenced by her passport).

With clues 2 & 3 now done we have hit six sites and only have three to go!!  We’ve got our breath back after our mile long hike up the hill and we’re ready to finish strong!  We’re ready to take Top Ten in this thing!!

Little did we know that the top ten teams had already finished the race at this point and were relaxing back at 88 Keys with drinks in hand…

Coming down the homestretch….


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