My Amazing Race… Part 6

12 Jul

Minutes later we’re riding the elevator up to my office.  Thoughts of abandoned-office, computer-room sex flutter through my brain, but we’ve got more important work to do.

Bada-Boom, Bada-Bing.  With the mighty power of the internet at our finger tips, we mow through the clues…

Clue 2 – Capitol Hill bar that rhymes with OUGHT ROW  SAT HER BEE.  My wife neglected to give me the buzz word phrase at the beginning which read “Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines…”.  A quick search of bars on the hill leads us to identify Auto Battery as the place we’re looking for!  And what do you know, it’s on Union!  (NOON BUN)

Clue 6 – Time to tackle the Mariners equation.  After an argument over the number of the Mariners shortstop and which jersey number to use (Ryan or Wilson?), I discover ANOTHER one of Jenny’s mistakes.  It’s not the shortstop jersey number we’re supposed to use, but instead “the number associated in baseball with the Shortstop position”.  Anyone who’s scored a baseball game knows the SS position is always 6.  Always.  We have our next location; 1813 7th Avenue!

Clue 8 – The weird code CNR YGZL, still has us puzzled.  I let “the Genius” work on that one and she finally figures out to try to solve it working from the bottom up and comes up with Six Arms, a restaurant up on the hill.

Clue 9 – After yet another Jenny mistake, we come up with the letters SHIBAR KYW and clues of moonshine, bars, 88 Keys, yeast, and Wild Turkey.  O show me the way to the next Whisky Bar at 2000 2nd Ave!

Clue 10 – We use the web to blow through the crossword puzzle and come up with clues of Peninsula, Seoul, General, Consulate, Korea, and Of leading us to the General Consulate of Korea at 2033 6th Ave!

Hot damn!  I feel like a fat kid locked in the Hostess factory!  We quickly plot a map together and have our route down!  With three checkpoints under our belt, we head out in search of number four, The Auto Battery.  It’s located at 1009 Union which is just up the hill about five blocks and around the corner.

Wish I would’ve written down it was actually located at 1009 EAST Union…..In Seattle, those are two entirely different places….whoops.

More to come…


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