My Amazing Race… Part 5

11 Jul

On our way to 7th & Union we finally decide if we don’t know where we’re going we could wind up running all over town and get far more exercise than is really necessary.  We agree this is a bad idea and the Sheraton hotel looks like a great place to run in, cool off, and start phoning friends.

We hear back from Michael & Erika who have been absolutely no help in solving our dilemma with the Capitol Hill bar that rhymes with OUGHT ROW  SAT HER BEE on a street that sounds like NOON BUN.  They tell us to go to Newton Avenue East, but warn us there’s no businesses anywhere near there.  We politely thank them, hang up, and completely ignore their suggestion.

We get Shay on the line to do research for our Mariners equation clue.  Five minutes on the line with Shay yields the answer to the question “Do you think Shay can help us?”  Sadly, that answer is “no”, as Shay’s computer decides to cease functioning the second we call.  We’re really starting to feel the pressure.

Then like a thunderbolt, it hits me!  (When I say “thunderbolt”, it’s to add a level of excitement to the story.  In all actuality, it was more  like the last couple seconds of a sparkler right before it burns out.)  I work two blocks away!  At my work, I have a computer and the internet.  If we’re going to do this, we decide we’ll need to do it ourselves!  We also note that over the upcoming year, we’ll need to find more intelligent, tech-savvy friends.  But we’ll have plenty of time for that later.  Back to the business at hand…

We race out the door and around the corner to find an enormous flower-pot with a flower coming out of it that I’ve never noticed once in my life.  Right on 7th & Union that I walk within a block of every single day.  I reaffirm with myself that my powers of observation are far below normal as we try to snap a picture of ourselves as there are no other passersby.  Getting both of us and this enormous flower in the picture proves a little difficult.

However, a lovely little Chinese woman passed by and was able to help us out with an acceptable photo.  (Although I would’ve expected a clearer shot from a race of people born with cameras around their necks.)

Three checkpoints done and we bust ass to my office on 4th & University.  We’re almost an hour into the race..

More to come…

Fat people can do the same things skinny people can do!


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