My Amazing Race… Part 4

11 Jul

On the same block as Juno is a bus stop.  I’m already sweating buckets having fast-walked nearly two blocks.  Ready for a beer and a shower, I press on and muster up all my energy to take a seat at the bus stop.  We know we have to go uptown towards that 7th & Union public art something-or-other so we figure we’ll just head in the right direction while we wait for a bus and work on these damned clues!

Clue 6 – Solve the equation below to find this checkpoint located on 7th Ave!  Year of the Mariners Innagural Season (’77 we think?) – the distance in feet from home plate to second base (I know it’s 90′ between bases, but from home direct to 2nd base? No idea…Last time I had Geometry I don’t think I had pubes…..) + Feliz Hernandez’s Mariner jersey number (54?) + 5.  Divide this number by the number of the Mariners shortstop + 1507 and we’ll have the house number!  We decide we’ll need to call someone.  Next clue…

Clue 7 – A picture of the cute little dino Yoshi from the Mario Brother’s franchise leads us to discover there is a place called Marios on 6th Avenue on the 1500 block.  Alright!  We’re heading that way any way.  Another checkpoint clue solved!  We decide this will be our next stop!

We board the bus for what will be a 3 minute ride and try to work out more clues.

Clue 8 – Some matrix we have to use to solve a hidden code.  We come up with CNR YGZL.  Seener Whygazelle?  Makes no sense.  We’ll come back to that one.

Clue 9 – Some fill in the blanks one, then take the designated letters from each answer to form the mixed up name of a Belltown establishment.  The answers will all have something to do with this establishment.  Hmm….. We’ll come back to this one too.

Clue 10 – Last one! – A crossword puzzle with six answers.  Four of the six answers have to do with someplace on 6th avenue.  No idea…..

As our bus comes to a stop we jump out on 3rd and Pine which is a fine downtown location packed with shoppers, tourists, and drug dealers.  I work in the city and avoid this intersection at all costs.  We bust off to the Mario’s checkpoint we discovered in Clue 7.

A few minutes later we arrive and snap our checkpoint photo!!

Marios! Not a pizza joint!

We head off to the Public Art checkpoint we discovered as Clue 1 on 7th & Union.

Stay tuned….more to come….


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