My Amazing Race… Part 3

10 Jul

Just like sex-with-a-prostitute, where-to-start became our first hurdle.  We have two sheets, containing ten clues, and no strategy whatsoever.  We knew we could complete the clues in any order.  We knew we had one “skip”; one clue we did not have to do at our discretion.  We scanned the clues:

Clue 1 – Mural Mural on the Wall.  Locate the cool public art.  You’ll find it near the intersection of the number of years Brad Pitt spent in the mountains and the side Robbert E. Lee fought against.  Brad Pitt….Mountains….Seven Years in Tibet!  SEVEN!  Robert E Lee was on the side of the Confederates?  So….Union army.  UNION!  7th & Union!!  We had a location of a check point.  We were rollin’

Clue 2 – MANDATORY.  Ladies and gentlemen start your engines…Solve the clue below.  Find the 2 word Capitol Hill bar that rhymes with this phrase:  OUGHT ROW  SAT HER BEE  It is located on the Easten Part of the street that rhymes with: NOON BUN,  Ummm…..the only bar I can think of is Linda’s which is clearly not it.  We’ll call Michael!  Michael is our gay friend who knows everything about Capitol Hill.  He answers!  After explaining to him we’re in a hurry and he’s been no help at all trying to locate a pad and pen, we get his wife on the phone who is ready for business.  (I realize I said Michael is gay, but he’s actually a metrosexual who’s still in the closet.  He irons his T-shirts for Christ’s sake.  He’s gay.)  Erika gets to work on our problem and will call us back with the answer.

Clue 3 – It says we find out about this one once we reach Clue 2.  Move on.

Clue 4 – Show some civic pride…get at least 11 people to spell out EMERALD CITY…..<groan>  Moving on.

Clue 5 – There’s a movie synopsis that we immediately know is the 2007 hit Juno with Ellen Page.  It says this checkpoint is located on 3rd.  Juno on 3rd Avenue?  A quick cellphone google confirms there is a Juno restaurant on 3rd and it’s only a few blocks away.

Teams are starting to disperse so we figure we should roll.  We head towards Juno.  Me walking briskly, Jenny practically crawling.

We’re  on our way!  One checkpoint down and eight to go!!

More to come….


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