My Amazing Race… Part 2

10 Jul

The next step in the journey brought us to 88 Keys down in Pioneer Square where we were able to size up the competition.    This would serve as the starting and ending point of the race.  Because we’re old and responsible, we were there plenty early and watched as the crowd grew steadily.  They appeared younger and fitter, but we didn’t feel we stuck out.  Which means people were looking at us with only one question on their minds:  Are THEY really racing, or are they just waiting for the bar to open?

The moment was upon us to begin the race and we eagerly gathered around to witness the unveiling of our first clue.

I’m far from a genius.  And I’m not a rabid sports nut by any means.  But being a Seattle native and lifelong resident, it took me about half a second via process of elimination to determine the correct answer.  The Mariners have never won the World series.   The Seahawks have never won the SuperBowl.  And the Huskies have never won the BCS.  Seattle sports, for the most part sucks, and always has.  Everyone knows that.

The correct answer was obviously the Seattle Metropolitans who won the Stanley Cup back around the birth of Jesus Christ.  (Actually, I knew this from a trip to the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, ON where I was extremely surprised to learn the 1917 Seattle Metropolitans became the first United States based team ever to win the cup.  Look it up.  It’s true!)

The race had begun and we made our way to 2nd & Yesler where we would pick up the envelope containing our clues to the 10 checkpoints within the race.

Watching the frenzied herd of racers tear open their packet and start in solving their clues was a bit overwhelming.  We found a shady place and joined in the chaos quickly trying to make sense of everything.  Some of the clues seemed easy and obvious, some were cryptic and would take more time.  We raced through them, answering everything we knew off the top of our heads and came up with 2 of the locations, just like that!

More to come….


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